Best BCAA’s, our opinion

BCAA’s are a type of branched chain amino acid. They are one of the nine essential amino acids that the body needs. An essential amino acid is an amino acid that our body cannot produce on its own through its metabolism and must therefore be found in food. It is therefore constantly looking for BCAA’s in order to have its necessary intake. The BCAA’s are made up of leucine, isoleucine and valine, which help develop muscles and promote the metabolism of muscle proteins. This is why they are sought after by bodybuilders and bodybuilders. Today, it is possible to find supplements that provide the necessary dose to develop muscles, but not all products are the same. So what are the best BCAA’s?

Our uninhibited comparison of the best BCAA’s

In order to evaluate which are the best BCAA’s on the market today, we have taken into account a whole series of parameters. Not only the price… But this must be done in conjunction with the ratio you need and the goals you want to achieve. In general, 3 to 5 g per day is recommended, but the dose can go up to 15 g / day in professional athletes. And don’t forget that this is a dietary supplement; a supplementation. And therefore not an equivalent to a healthy and balanced diet.

Our favorite and choice No. 1, the BCAA tablets from Xellerat, for its composition rich in BCAA

BCAA 2:1:1 1000mg | 425 Comprimés | 3000mg Portion Journalière | Approvisionnement pour 141 Jours | 2:1:1 d'Acides Aminés à Chaîne Ramifié L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine et Vitamine B6
  • ✔ MEILLEUR RAPPORT QUALITE-PRIX, APPRIVISIONNEMENT POUR 141 JOURS - 425 comprimés de BCAA de Haute Qualité offrant un extraordinaire RAPPORT QUALITE-PRIX en vous gardant réapprovisionné avec des ACIDES AMINES pratiques, d'une proportion de 2:1:1, pour 141 JOURS. Nous proposons PLUS de valeur par rapport à d'autres marques leaders du marché - les autres proposent 120 à 240 comprimés par rapport à nos 425 comprimés par emballage. Convient aux Végétariens et Végans.
  • ✔ PUISSANCE MAXIMALE & PLUS D'INGREDIENTS - Nos comprimés BCAA d'une proportion de 2:1:1 de Haute Qualité contiennent 1000mg par comprimé, beaucoup plus puissant que d'autres marques leaders du marché, réduisant le nombre de comprimés à prendre. Chaque portion journalière de 3 comprimés, soient 3000mg, vous fournit 1500mg de L-Leucine, 750mg de L-Isoleucine, 750mg de L-Valine et 3mg de Vitamine B6.
  • ✔ DEVELOPPE LES MUSCLES, RECUPERATION RAPIDE, BRÛLE LES GRAISSES - Il est prouvée, que les BCAA stimulent la synthèse des protéines, en augmentant rapidement et efficacement la masse musculaire, tout en réduisant la fatigue musculaire. Les BCAA aident également les muscles à se rétablir plus rapidement, à réduire les courbatures et DOMS tout en aidant votre corps à brûler les graisses et tout en protégeant vos muscles.
  • ✔ FABRIQUE AU ROYAUME-UNI DANS DES INSTALLATIONS BPF - Beaucoup de suppléments BCAA sont importés d'Asie ou des Etats-Unis. Les nôtres sont fabriqués ICI, au Royaume-Uni, vous protégeant ainsi par des normes de fabrication et d'hygiène, les plus élevées au monde. Notre production locale signifie que vous recevrez des comprimés les plus frais possibles et non pas des suppléments qui ont passés des semaines dans le transport vers le Royaume-Uni.


Xellerat BCAA tablets help build muscle while providing rapid recovery after training. BCAA’s have been proven to stimulate protein synthesis to rapidly increase muscle mass. This is why this type of product is highly sought after by athletes and weight training enthusiasts. In addition, BCAA’s help to recover quickly and reduce muscle soreness. With this product from Xellerat, you opt for a high quality product that contains more than 1000 mg per tablet. They are therefore much more powerful than other tablets or powders on the market.


  • European manufacturing: Xellerat is a European brand, originating from the United Kingdom. Unlike many other supplements, it is not imported from Asia or America. They therefore meet the strictest hygiene standards and correspond to our European standards. We are therefore safe! Moreover, local production means that the tablets arrive faster and, above all, at a lower cost. No more weeks of transport and customs.
  • Maximum potency: with a high dose per tablet, the amount of BCAA delivered to the body by the tablets is far greater than that of competitors. The body is thus boosted even more. This means that your daily serving is 1500mg of L-Leucine, 750mg of L-Isoleucine, 750mg of L-Valine and 3mg of Vitamin B6.
  • The quality/price ratio: of superior quality and made with first choice products, there is nothing to say about Xellerat’s supplements! In addition, the packaging is designed for long-term use. In fact, there are 3 times as many tablets per package. You will be able to last 141 days with one of the best BCAA’s on the market with 425 tablets per box, or 3 tablets per day.


  • The risks of reaction: very powerful, BCAA’s can cause allergies and other reactions (rash, etc.). If you use BCAA’s over a long period of time, they can cause your body to react and external signs may appear. BCAA’s may not be involved, but some of the excipients in the formula are allergenic.
  • Tablets: Tablets may not be to everyone’s liking. They are easy to use and relatively large in size. Some bodybuilders will prefer the powder form, which can be mixed with whey or sheathing. In short, in the form of a shaker. Everyone has a choice.
Ingrédients des comprimés BCAA de Xellerate Nutrition

Our opinion in a few words

BCAA tablets from Xellerat offer an excellent price-performance ratio, since with one box it is possible to last several months. Indeed, compared to other market leaders, the boxes sold by Xellerat contain 425 tablets, compared to only 120-240 tablets from competitors. In addition, the quality of the products and the dose of BCAA delivered is impressive. This is enough to meet our daily needs and expectations. With good quality and local production that is verified and meets current standards, it is a safe product to use. One will simply note the risks of allergies that bodybuilding fans may develop with prolonged use. But this remains the case with most products of this type. This is why we recommend cures.

Our challenger and N°2 choice, the Gold Standard BCAA Train & Sustain from Optimum Nutrition, for its quality

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA Train + Sustain, poudre d'acides aminés pré-entraînement, boisson sportive, vitamine C, zinc, magnésium et électrolytes, saveur fraise & kiwi, 28 doses, 266 g
  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA Train + Sustain pour la REDUCTION DE LA FATIGUE* et le RENFORCEMENT DE L'IMMUNITÉ** ; un shake intra-entraînement délicieux et rafraîchissant
  • ON Gold Standard BCAA Train + Sustain contient 374 mg d'ÉLECTROLYTES, 200 mg de RHODIOLA et 2,6 g de L-Leucine dans chaque dose, plus 5 g de BCAA dans un rapport 2:1:1.
  • Contient de la vitamine C et du zinc pour soutenir le fonctionnement normal du système immunitaire**
  • Une combinaison d'ingrédients soigneusement sélectionnés, dont le magnésium, pour aider à réduire la fatigue et l'épuisement*
  • Disponible en 5 délicieuses saveurs ; pour la préparation, ajoutez 2 cuillères bombées de poudre à 350 ml d'eau froide, mélangez et servez


Optimum Nutrition is a brand present in the bodybuilder community. They have products in every niche: sheathing, BCAA, whey, etc. With its Gold Standard label, the American brand offers premium products made from quality ingredients that meet the strictest standards. All made on American soil! You will find here doses containing 5 g of BCAA in a 2:1:1 ratio as well as vitamin C, magnesium, electrolytes, etc. And for everyone to find what they need, there are flavorings available. There are, among others, kiwi, cola, peach, raspberry.


  • Taste: nothing helps, having a product that tastes good can move mountains. With well-studied aromas, the consumer finds his way around and likes the product he takes. In this case, the tastes make it possible to hide the bitterness of the powder and to drink the shaker like any other drink.
  • An all-in-one dose: each dose contains what it takes to meet daily needs. So you get 5 g of BCAA in a 2:1:1 ratio, which is enough for an individual of normal height and with normal training. You can fortify the dose according to your needs since it is a powder and not tablets. In addition, you have vitamin C and magnesium which promote muscle strengthening and reduce fatigue. In addition, the formulation also contains Rhodiola rosea, Wellmune and a mixture of electrolytes.
  • Certified anti-doping: Optimum Nutrition is one of the few brands that has certified its products as anti-doping since it does not use any illicit components in its formula. TE the brand claims it.


  • The tastes: the tastes and smells are very good. However, the biggest drawback of a scented powder is that you can’t mix it with anything else. So you can’t make a shake that mixes both your whey and your BCAA’s, or anything else. Especially since within the Optimum Nutrition brand itself, the flavors do not match between products. Too bad, especially since taking the different supplements at the same time makes life much easier for bodybuilding enthusiasts!
  • The price: Optimum Nutrition is a premium brand and this is reflected in the price. This product is slightly more expensive than the competition.
Athlète utilisant Gold Standard BCAA Train & Sustain d'Optimum Nutrition

Our opinion in a few words

With these BCAA’s, Optimum Nutrition is doing a great job. As always! If, as always also, the price is slightly above average, you can still feel the quality of the product both in terms of its finish and the seriousness brought to its elaboration. It’s a really good product that brings everything you need to develop your body and muscle mass. In addition, the product contains other ingredients, such as magnesium, which allows you to work around the action of the best BCAA’s by reducing the body’s stress in the face of effort.

The BCAA’s fragrances are also an excellent way to mask the bitterness and natural taste of the powder, even though not everyone will like it.

Our No. 3 choice, Scitec BCAA tablets, for its value for money


This is a flawless product with proven quality that is the best BCAA. This product will complement the nutrient intake necessary for your body to perform better and your muscles to develop better. Under the rather austere packaging, there are 375 pills that will allow you to hold 75 servings, since you need 5 pills per serving. In total, your body receives 4480 mg of BCAA. Amino acids are distributed as follows: 2240 mg of leucine per portion and 1120 mg of isoleucine and valine to complete. The ratio is the same as for other brands! In addition, the pills contain arginine and glutamine.


  • A studied formula: as always with the products for the musculation, the taste is one of the major disadvantages. That’s why Scitec has given particular thought to the problem. Contrary to other brands, it does not use perfumes. However, it has added palm oil, coffee powder and other emulsifiers. This makes the taste much more pleasant by masking the bitterness. Only a slight aftertaste remains.
  • A composition rich in BCAA’s: with almost 5 g of BCAA’s per serving, your body receives all the necessary intake. As with other BCAA’s, the ratio is 2:1:1.


  • Allergy risk: Scitec’s best BCAA’s may contain traces of milk, soy, nuts, peanuts, egg protein. In addition, they contain gluten. So be careful if you have known allergies or special intolerances!
  • Tablet size: Scitec tablets are relatively large. This may go unnoticed, but here you need to take 5 tablets per serving. That’s a lot. Especially since if you really want to grow, you’ll need to take 2 or 3 servings a day. The number of pills you have to swallow becomes very important. Maybe a little too many. And think about switching to a powder to dilute…
Que sont les BCAA

Our opinion in a few words

Scitec offers a product that contains the amino acids necessary for proper muscle development. And this, for a relatively inexpensive price compared to what is done in this niche market. What’s more, it is possible to choose between the 125 pack and the 375 pack, so you can test a small quantity before placing a larger order, even if you have to wait for the sales or a special offer. On the other hand, and as the brand itself points out, the risk of allergy is very present, and not because of the main ingredients. The workshop where the pills are produced makes other powders and products. That is why they may contain traces of milk, soy, nuts, peanuts, egg protein. In addition, they contain gluten. A serious hindrance for sensitive or allergic people!

What are the criteria to watch out for before buying a BCAA?

Before buying BCAA’s, several criteria must be taken into account. These can be objective, such as those discussed below, or subjective. This is particularly the case for the price of the pills, or simply the brand. But first and foremost, a product must be adapted to your lifestyle, i.e. your type of training. Otherwise it won’t work. In addition, it must be in line with your goals. BCAA’s may not be optimal at all times during your treatment.

The ratio

When we talk about ratio, we are talking about the ratio between the different quantities of amino acids. BCAA’s contain 3 of them: leucine, isoleucine and valine. And, when you see a ratio displayed, it is in that order that it should be understood. The most common ratio you will find on the market is 2:1:1. That is two to one of leucine to one of valine and isoleucine. It is possible to find other ratios on the market such as 3:1:1 or 4:1:1, but this applies to more special cases, or at least to specific body needs and desired effects. For example, high-intensity workouts

The presentation

BCAA’s can be sold in two forms. Powder or tablets. Both are the same, but each has its advantages. Powder has the advantage of being easily mixed. It can be drunk in a shaker, or mixed in a shaker with other products. In addition, it is easier for the body to assimilate. But you have to pay attention to the dosage. You have to be able to count yourself and remember what you have already taken. It is dangerous to force on BCAA’s.

Conversely, there are BCAA’s in the form of pills or capsules. Here, there is no risk of overdose. A portion consists of a defined number of pills. On the other hand, the size of the pills or the frequency at which they are taken can be a brake.


We are only talking here about the powder to be diluted, and no longer about the pills. Miscibility is the ability of a powder to mix with a liquid. Usually water. The more miscible a powder is, the better. When a product is not diluted well, it forms lumps in the shaker, which makes it less pleasant to take. You may also have the sensation of swallowing sand.

For this reason, always choose a product that dilutes well, this is the case with the best BCAA’s. Or opt for pills.


Additives are all about BCAA’s. Indeed, a powder is never pure and BCAA’s are always diluted with other products. Often, the added products are vitamins, such as B6 or C, or other molecules: glutamine, alanine, carnitine, etc. Sometimes, an stimulant such as caffeine or taurine is added. These extra components increase the effects of the product and the physical performance. They act on the body so that it recovers faster or develops muscles faster.

But beware, BCAA’s can also contain allergens such as gluten or lactose (in tablets).


Like many other bodybuilding supplements, the taste of BCAA’s is not the best on earth… It’s even foul. That’s why manufacturers are working harder and harder to mask the natural taste. They use perfumes or emulsifiers to mask the taste. Make sure the flavor you choose is right for you. Especially if you have to take the product for several weeks. They often fail to completely mask the bitterness anyway and there is always an aftertaste.

The price

Price is a more subjective value, but it is still an important value as a purchasing criterion. There are two things that make prices vary in general: quantity and price. The best BCAA’s are packaged according to manufacturers, so to have a comparable basis, take the price per kilogram. You will then have an objective basis.

The quality depends on the manufacturers, but it is important to know that between an entry-level product and a high quality product, the purchase price can go from simple to double.


Where to buy your BCAA at the best price?

BCAA’s are sold in physical commerce as well as on the internet. It is possible to buy them at the gym, as long as you go to a good level gym and not to one of these franchised clubs. You will then have access to good advice, but the price will be higher (quite often). To be able to buy BCAA’s cheap or at a good price, you have to turn to the internet, especially the Amazon site. There, you will have a plethoric choice and especially unbeatable prices, thanks to frequent promotions and product sales. You will also have the opinions left by previous customers, which will allow you to form your own opinion and choose one product over another.

How does BCAA powder work?

The BCAA’s have a very specific action on the muscles, this is due to the 3 amino acids. But most of the effects are brought by the leucine, hence a higher leucine ratio. However, in order to work properly on the muscles, leucine needs the other two amino acids. Leucine alone is therefore of little interest… It acts on muscle growth, but also on protein synthesis.

This is the process by which proteins are metabolized by the body. Before being transported to the muscles. Then recycled and discarded. BCAA’s intervene at this point, preventing the body from rejecting too much protein. So more is stored in the muscles.

In general, it is advisable to consume the best BCAA’s during dry periods to gain muscle mass while losing fat.

What are the different types of models?

There are two types of BCAA’s, regular and micronized. It depends on the amino acid extraction process.

Ordinary BCAA’s are characterized by a simple instantiation by drying. This means that the amino acids are obtained by drying the foods or materials from which they are extracted. Simply put, they are dried foods. This type of BCAA is less expensive to produce, but has a slower absorption rate.

Micronized BCAA’s are becoming increasingly common. This process involves making the amino acid particles much smaller. They are then easier for the body to absorb. They will therefore be more effective than their regular counterparts. But they are obtained from the same materials, except that it is a micronization process and not a drying process.

Se muscler progressivement

How to take the best BCAA’s for weight training?

BCAA’s are mainly taken during dry periods. In this context, it is advised to take 3 to 5 g per day throughout the day. This allows to bring the necessary quantity of amino acids.

If you want to gain muscle volume, the dose should be increased. Between 5 and 10 grams to be taken during training sessions or just before.

To increase their effectiveness, BCAA’s can be mixed with other food supplements. Notably whey. This maximizes the effectiveness of both products. One brings proteins, the other forces the fixation of these proteins in the muscles.

BCAA’s can also be combined with leucine to increase the amount of this amino acid in the ratio.

The top 10 BCAA’s according to Amazon reviews and sales

And to conclude, here is a Top 10 of the best BCAA’s available on Amazon, based on their sales and reviews published on the site :