Best Mass Gainers, our opinion

When you work out, it’s not always easy to gain weight and mass in order to build muscle and strength. That’s why there are products dedicated to the skinny ones who can’t get their weight off even with efforts at the table. It allows you to bring the extra calories, the ones that the diet can’t provide. And as with all products, there are gainers that perform better than others, due to their manufacturing process or the manufacturer’s interest in selling a 100% safe and effective product. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best gainers and discuss not only certain products, but also how to choose the one that will be the most effective.

Our uninhibited comparison of the best gainers

To make this comparison of the best gainers, we had to take several products and analyze them according to specific and objective criteria. It is impossible for us to use each gainer on the same person. It would have taken a lot of time and it would have been impossible to determine which mass gainer was acting at which moment. For this reason, the evaluation was done simultaneously and with the same type of exercises. In addition, we referred to the manufacturers’ data, especially for the number of calories per dose. At the time, there were many that offered doses of 2000 or 3000 calories, but we know full well that it is impossible for the human body to absorb so many calories at the same time and transform them into muscle.

Our favorite and N°1 choice, the Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Gainer, for its performance.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Poudre de Protéine Gain de Masse Hautement Calorique avec 25 Vitamines et Minéraux, Créatine Monohydrate et Glutamine, Saveur Chocolat, 16 Portions, 5.45 kg
  • Gainer pour prise de masse à faible teneur en matière grasse avec plus de 1250 CALORIES et 50g de PROTEINES par portion pour soutenir la croissance musculaire plus 3 grammes de CREATINE MONOHYDRATE pour soutenir la performance
  • Protéines en poudre sans sucre ajouté avec 25 vitamines et minéraux et moins de 5g de matière grasse par portion, plus de 250 grammes de GLUCIDES aidant à la récupération musculaire
  • La poudre protéinée Serious Mass est disponible en 6 saveurs (banane, chocolat beurre de cacahuète, chocolat, cookies and crème, fraise et vanille) avec édulcorant
  • Pour préparer le gainer, mélangez 2 dosettes avec 710 ml d'eau ou de lait végétal, ajoutez des fruits ou des beurres de noix pour obtenir un smoothie protéiné savoureux et calorique après l'entraînement ou entre les repas
  • Source EFSA Journal 2010;8(10):1811 ; 2011;9(6):2203 ;2011;9(7):2303 ; 2011 ; 9(7):2303


Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass Gainer is a gainer designed for everyone and brings everything you need to properly prepare for your workout. The formula of this product is designed to promote weight gain in an optimal way and therefore mass during a training session. With this product, you can expect to gain 1250 calories per dose, which is enough for the body. In addition, you will find 50 grams of protein and 25 vitamins and minerals essential for muscle development. In addition, Serious Mass contains creatine and glutamine, which are also essential for the proper development of muscle mass.


  • The quality/price ratio: for its price, the Serious Mass is really unbeatable, because it offers a very good compromise by offering visible gains while being relatively cheap. Moreover, it contains all the vitamins and minerals you will need for your workouts.
  • Taste: It should be noted that the Optimum Nutrition product includes a taste enhancer, chocolate in this case. This helps to hide the true taste of the product which will displease more than one user and make them give up gaining mass in this way. Thus, drinking your gainer is no longer a torture, but can be similar to drinking a soda during the course of the day.
  • Easy digestion: Unlike other products on the market, this gainer is very easy to digest. The user doesn’t have that swollen belly feeling after taking the whole dose and you stay fit for sport.


  • The need to exercise: given the number of calories, sports sessions are essential for the metabolism to assimilate all the calories in the form of muscle. With a daily intake, you need to do at least 3 or 4 sports sessions of at least one hour per week to stay in top shape. Otherwise, taking Serious Mass will make you gain fat, especially on the abdominal belt.
  • American” doses: when the manufacturer speaks of 1250 calories per shaker, he counts them according to his doses. However, they differ from other brands. Here, we are on large doses, which can sometimes be close to a double dose of another gainer. It is thus advisable to compare well before buying.
Composition du Mass Gainer Serious Mass d'Optimum Nutrition

Our opinion in a few words

Optimum Nutrition’s gainer is a very good product that will be used especially for beginners and is probably the best gainer of the moment. Less to the pros… With a good quality/price ratio, it is at the top. Especially since when you buy it, you won’t throw it in the trash: good caloric doses, a good taste that will please more than one and a product that is easily digested. Optimum Nutrition provides here a quality product without compromise.

The brand is not satisfied with products that are easy to mix and have a pleasant taste… The materials used are first-rate and manufactured in a state-of-the-art plant in the United States. ON redefines quality standards! On the other hand, we must point out that the doses of sheathing provided are those for the American market where everything is extra large. It will therefore be necessary to readjust the doses taken to what we know ourselves in France. And this will de facto lead to a decrease in the number of calories taken.

Our challenger and choice N°2, the Whey Gold Standard of Optimum Nutrition, for its quality

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey, Poudre de Protéines pour Construction et Récupération Musculaire, avec Glutamine et Acides Aminés BCAA Naturels, Double Chocolat, 73 Portions, 2,26 kg
  • Le Gold Standard 100% WHEY d'Optimum Nutrition est la poudre de protéines la plus vendue au monde*, conçue pour accompagner votre progression vers la condition sportive dés la première séance
  • ABSORPTION RAPIDE - La protéine de petit-lait à absorption rapide dont l'isolate de protéine de petit-lait est l'ingrédient principal aide au gain musculaire et favorise la récupération* après chaque séance d'entraînement
  • La formule de protéines de lactosérum ON est certifiée Informed Choice, contient des BCAA et de la GLUTAMINE d'origine naturelle et est FAIBLE EN SUCRE et en gras
  • Disponible dans une VARIÉTÉ DE TAILLES et de SAVEURS : chocolat doublement riche, crème de banane, crème glacée à la vanille, poudre de protéine non aromatisée et plus encore
  • FACILE & RAPIDE : mélangez une dose dans 180-240 ml d'eau froide ; à consommer de préférence le matin et/ou pendant les 30 minutes précédant ou suivant immédiatement l'entraînement


Whey protein is well known by bodybuilders and is probably the most sold protein in the world. The one produced by Optimum Nutrition contains 78% premium Whey protein (24g/dose). In addition, it contains 25 g of glutamine and 5.5 g of naturally occurring BCAA’s per dose. Once again, we are offering a premium product that is aimed at the top of the range while being relatively inexpensive. The purpose of this protein? To promote strengthening during weight training and recovery after exercise. In addition, the standard whey gold is sold with different products so that everyone can find what they need. It exists, among others, in double chocolate, vanilla cream and strawberry flavor.


  • A multi-sport use: whey is not only intended for muscular training. It can be used in many other sports, because it promotes muscle strengthening and, more importantly, recovery of the body after the effort. For this reason, it is ideal if you practice a sport that requires :
  • a more impressive musculature (rugby, etc)
  • quick endurance or recovery between trainings/runs
  • to be able to hold on despite intense efforts (HIT training)
  • An interesting dosage: the intended dosage of this product provides all the nutrients, minerals and proteins necessary for optimal training and does not tire the body during a prolonged session.
  • Miscibility: the product mixes very well with water or milk (preferably semi-skimmed), which is not the case with all the products on the market that can leave lumps.


  • Tastes: having a fragrant whey helps to consume it. Without it, it would be difficult to take whey over a long period of time without disgust. But maybe the manufacturer is going too far with this concept? You will find whey that tastes like cookies, chocolate mint or crème brûlée. Such tastes are difficult to produce, especially if you want them to taste good. Many users complain about them, finding them too chemical, too strong, or too disgusting. Keep it classic with chocolate or vanilla; the flavours are better controlled.
  • The risk of counterfeiting: some whey imitate authentic products to win another market. Optimum Nutrition also suffers from this type of crime. Before buying, check that it is a compliant product from the brand.
Composition de la Whey Gold Standard d'Optimum Nutrition

Our opinion in a few words

Whey is a product widely used in the world of bodybuilding. But with this whey, Optimum Nutrition offers a truly beautiful product that will suit many people. A nice quality product, which is easy to drink. If you buy this product, you are sure to have something that meets your expectations and that will allow you to gain weight and dry the muscle afterwards. So it does not demerit its Gold Standard!

On the other hand, it is impossible to miss its biggest flaw: the tastes offered. The American brand has clearly missed its mark with some of them that are much too chemical. Nevertheless, we stay on good quality materials that allow ON to manufacture this Whey Gold Standard rich in proteins and glutamine. The production is done in their American factory, which sometimes explains the difference in packaging on European soil.

Our N°3 choice, the Scitec Nutrition Jumbo Mass Gainer, for its results


The jumbo is a complete gainer that allows you to develop your muscle mass efficiently and quickly. It is specially designed for people looking to sculpt their body from the start. This product is made from milk protein and contains 50% quality protein without containing too much sugar (max 9 g per dose). In addition, it contains slow carbohydrates to diffuse energy in the body in small doses. In particular, it contains dextose, palatinose and maltodextrin.

This mixture thus makes it possible to make grow your muscles while protecting them during the body-building sessions. Finally, it should be noted that the Jumbo is packaged as a powder to be diluted in water (very easy) and that it is possible to buy it in several formats (13, 20 or 40 doses) and with several tastes (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla).


  • Dilutes well: Scitec Jumbo powder mixes very easily. Simply dilute one dose of the product in the amount of water provided. Then stir the shaker well and it’s ready. At worst, you’ll taste a slightly sandy texture, but nothing more. It is therefore a product that goes well in the body and does not require any effort or courage to take. In addition, the tastes (chocolate, vanilla) pass very well and are in no way disgusting.
  • The results: Scitec masters the technology to produce whey very well and its product proves it. With this powder, users don’t risk taking too much fat. As long as they play sports, of course. On the weight gain of a person doing sport regularly, one notices little fat gain. This therefore limits the need to take a second product to dry the muscle afterwards. We can speak of 1 kg – 1.5 kg per week without excess fat.


  • Taste: Most users of this whey will come back on two points: the taste and the feeling of lumps in the mouth. These are probably the two negative points of this quality whey, even if they are not really defects. The Scitec brand has opted for a quality whey made from milk, but ignores the taste in the mouth (although it offers the basic flavors such as vanilla or chocolate). It favours efficiency! Because other brands focus on taste (it’s the gourmet side) and variety rather than on a truly effective product for the customer.
Composition du Scitec Nutrition Jumbo Mass Gainer

Our opinion in a few words

This whey Jumbo from Scitec is a good product that will make the user happy. We can talk good or bad, but it’s effective! With 50% (quality) milk protein per dose, with little sugar, but a slow diffusion of energy in the body thanks to a well thought-out matrix, the Whey Jumbo does an excellent job of both training well and recovering quickly.

The disadvantage compared to competing brands is that the brand ignores marketing, especially in terms of taste. Nowadays, people like to have a lot of choice, even if it’s not justified. Who’s really going to take a whey that tastes like crème brûlée? But having said that, a well thought-out flavor will make sales easier because people will like the taste. A point that may develop in the future…

What are the criteria to watch out for before buying your winnings?

A gainer is a powdered nutritional supplement used to increase energy intake. Before buying doses of a gainer, several parameters must be taken into account in order to choose the right one. The one that suits you best… And for this reason, we have listed below the few crucial elements that will help you choose the product that best suits your situation/training.

The ingredients

Before buying a mass gainer, it is necessary to look at what is written on the packaging and decipher the information. As a beginner, this can be difficult to understand, but with experience, it is possible to evaluate the quantities of each element that makes up the powder.

For a mass gainer to be effective, it must contain enough protein. Avoid gainers that contain less than 15% protein, as they will be too poor to bring you anything. There are those that bring energy quickly and are very useful after training and other gainers that are intended to be daytime snacks. It’s up to you to make the right choice.

Trouver le meilleur gainer pour sa musculation

The type of mass gainer

Be aware that there are mass gainers that are high in calories and others that are lower in calories. The first allow you to bring a lot of energy to the body so that the metabolism doesn’t know how to burn everything. The latter are rather intended for bodybuilders who want to measure their intake and therefore control muscle gain.

Depending on the type of gainer you will take more or less fat. Indeed, if it is too rich in lipids and carbohydrates, your body will be rather predisposed to store calories in the form of fat. And not of muscular mass…

While the low-calorie mass gainer will be richer in protein. There will be less sugar and almost no fat.

The target audience

Not all gainers are for everyone. Even if you are free to buy the product you want, it is not said to be optimal for your phase. Indeed, when you are a beginner, the most important thing is to gain weight. At this stage, you don’t need to know exactly what the gainer contains. You need to gain weight and a gainer rich in fat and carbohydrates will do the trick.

However, once you have sculpted your body, gaining weight will no longer be of interest… You will only be looking to gain muscle and not fat. And to gain, but also to keep muscle, you need protein.


A gainer is not only carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. Other substances are used in its manufacture.

Some products are supplemented with vitamins and minerals that facilitate their absorption or with specific amino acids for recovery or strength that will increase the results obtained in the context of weight gain.

But beware, a gainer must not contain collagen or gelatin. These are low-end proteins and their value is practically nil. Opt for milk or egg powder proteins, much better for the practice of sport.

Legislation obliges manufacturers to add vitamins and minerals. This is a plus, but they are often micro-dosed, because manufacturers see it as an obligation.

That said, a gainer can contain creatine, glutamine and other amino acids. The latter promote muscle growth and are therefore more interesting. But they are more expensive. It all depends on whether or not you plan to buy several supplements.

Les gainers les plus efficaces du marché

Where to buy your mass gainer at the best price?

There are plenty of places where you can buy whey or the best gainer on the market. Most gyms are on sale, but the prices are often above the market… And unless you are in a specialized gym, the advice may not be the best. It is also possible to buy some on the internet. You won’t have anyone to advise you (although you will have the other bodybuilders in your gym), but you will be able to read many opinions and comments before buying the product you consider the best to gain. For example, on Amazon, a site that has a very extensive catalog with many references and very advantageous prices. Especially since they often make promotions and sales.

How to use a gainer?

A gainer can take several forms. It can be a snack that is diluted in water or milk. It will then replace meals or come in between for a higher calorie intake. The mass gainer can also be eaten after weight training. It then allows you to recover and replenish energy reserves and amino acids destroyed during the effort.

It is advisable to take a gainer between meals. Around 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. In this way, you do not have long periods without eating.

The recommended dose of a mass gainer is 100 grams of powder diluted in a glass of water or milk. It is up to you to choose the concentration.

What is the usefulness of a bodybuilding gainer?

The best sheather will play the role of additional caloric intake. It comes in complement of the food and makes it possible to have more calories to spend. The body will tend to store them and the consumer, through sport, will be able to produce muscle. It is a great help for athletes who are unable to gain weight, among other things because of a metabolism that is too fast or who have difficulty gaining weight.

Taking a shake every day between meals is an easy solution to avoid forcing yourself to eat. Especially during periods of weight gain.

Plus de calories à dépenser avec les mass gainers

What type of mass gainer to use and when?

Depending on your sporting career and your goals, different gainers will be useful.

If you are a beginner, you should choose a basic gainer, not the best one. You will have time to choose a better gainer later, but you must first understand how it works and learn how to control your metabolism.

Next, you’ll probably need a triple source of protein. Along with nutrients, extra amino acids that will boost the production of steroid hormones.

Finally, when you have a confirmed bodybuilder status, only the protein content will be important, as you will only be looking to gain lean mass, i.e. muscle! And for that, only protein is important and therefore you will have to aim for the best gainers.

The top 10 gainers according to Amazon reviews and sales

Finally, for those who would not have found their happiness in our Top 3 of the best gainers, here is the Top 10… according to Amazon reviews and sales: