Best products and dietary supplements for bodybuilding: our guide

To obtain a well sculpted body, you must imperatively go through bodybuilding. However, this discipline requires a steel mind and an iron will, since it puts your body in almost extreme conditions. It is therefore relevant to use products such as food supplements to optimize training and obtain visible results. Here is a ranking of the best weight training products for the current year.

For those in a hurry, here is a table listing the best food supplements by objective:

Best food supplements for bodybuilding

Different categories of bodybuilding

There are three types of bodybuilding that differ according to the goals you are looking for.

Top 3 des meilleurs compléments alimentaires pour la musculation
There are 3 types of bodybuilding: weight training, dry and power training.

The dry one

If your body has a relatively high level of fat, it is essential to get rid of it and dry it off. To do this, training must include both strength training and cardio.

Make sure you find the perfect balance between the two through a mixed program, as this will prevent you from losing muscle mass. It is often recommended that you use a personal trainer to guide you through your dry period.

Weight training sessions are done by doing basic exercises with medium loads. During the dry period, your diet is measured so that your calorie intake is limited to optimize weight loss.

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Weight gain

This is a phase that consists of rapidly gaining muscle mass. Training during the volume gain period is both intense and specific and generally begins at the end of the dry period.

Indeed, you can’t switch the order between the two phases, since you will have difficulty gaining muscle mass if you still have too much fat in your body.

The workouts follow basic exercises using heavy weights. Thus, you must regularly increase the weight of the loads in order to increase as you gain muscle mass. The muscles must work at their maximum with each exercise, otherwise they may stop progressing and stagnate.

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The power grip

Gaining muscle mass does not necessarily mean gaining strength. Gaining strength is useful to reach new levels of weight gain. In other words, if you want to move to a higher level in terms of volume, you must increase your strength.

To do this, training focuses on very heavy loads for less repetition. For example, if you are doing a bench press with 4 sets of 10 movements lifting 80 kg for a weight gain, choose 3 sets of 8 movements for a load of 100 kg.

You will see that after a few weeks, you will be able to lift 85 or 90 kg for the usual weight-lifting series.

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Top 3 dietary supplements for weight gain

The training during the weight gain period is very hard. To obtain optimal results, it is necessary to take so-called “doping” products for the muscles. Here is a top 3 of the products most used by athletes and which are currently the most recommended.


D-Bal is the legal form of dianabol, an anabolic steroid classified as one of the most potent anabolic steroids available. It stimulates protein synthesis in an extreme and almost aggressive way. Calcium is fixed very quickly by the body and stimulates the glucose production process in the body.

This surplus of protein assimilation will boost muscle growth without the athlete suffering from decalcification and while obtaining an additional supply of energy.

The D-Bal is intended to be a 100% natural product. The main ingredients that make up the product contain a large majority of proteins. Each capsule contains among others Whey protein concentrate (150 mg), isoleucine (120 mg), valine (100 mg), leucine (25 mg), DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone (25 mg) and minor compounds that promote the process of protein synthesis.

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D-Bal : food supplement for weight gain.


Trenorol is in some ways trenbolone in a legal form. It is a very powerful anabolic agent that allows for considerable muscle growth while reducing fat mass to leave only lean fat.

A 100% natural product, Trenorol consists mainly of beta sitosterol, Samento Inner Bark, nettle and pepsin.

Beta sitosterol is a compound that effectively protects muscle tissue during intense effort. The Samento Inner Bark boosts the testosterone level to the detriment of the estrogen level. Thus, the sportsman gains muscular mass more easily. Nettle helps to prevent possible side effects related to the consumption of trenbolone. Finally, pepsin boosts protein assimilation for an optimal gain in muscle mass.

Trenorol has many benefits for athletes. Its first virtue is to optimally synthesize the protein to quickly gain muscle mass and reduce recovery time.

Trenorol also stimulates the repair of cellular tissues that have been damaged as a result of intense efforts. The product stimulates the production of the hormone IGF-1, responsible for tissue regeneration. The pain after each session is lessened and it is possible to intensify training for more results.

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Mass Extreme

Mass Extreme

Mass Extreme is a dietary supplement that accelerates the mass gain. It also offers a capacity of recovery tenfold and a greater endurance. You will thus have the possibility to train more intensely and longer for better results.

This product is completely natural in order to limit the side effects on the body. It contains fenugreek, aspartic acid, y-aminobutyric acid, phosphatidic acid, maca root and vitamin B12.

Fenugreek is a plant frequently used in traditional and natural medicine to treat rickets and chronic thinness. Thus, it is an excellent ally to quickly gain muscle mass. It stimulates the appetite and optimizes the assimilation of nutrients by the body.

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Top 3 dietary supplements for the dry

For athletes who feel that they still have too much fat on their bodies and want to lose more, or for athletes who are returning from vacation and have gained weight, the dry period is the best way to achieve your goal. Here are the 3 best food supplements to take.


Clenbutrol is a product recommended especially for people who are new to bodybuilding and wish to lose fat quickly. It makes it possible to burn fat very quickly and to optimize the transport of oxygen in the blood. The body temperature rises considerably during training sessions, resulting in a higher energy expenditure.

Clenbutrol is 100 % natural and consists essentially of extract of Garcinia Cambodgia, a plant reputed to be an excellent fat burner, bitter orange which generates the natural increase of body heat, extracts of Guarana seeds, known to be a perfect stimulant which provides a surplus of energy.

Compounds such as sodium, nicotinamide and caffeine are also present. The first one prevents muscular pains following efforts, the second one acts as an effective fat burner and a facilitator of protein assimilation, while the third one plays the role of natural detoxifier.

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Top 3 des meilleurs compléments alimentaires pour la musculation
Clenbutrol: food supplement for dry food.


For athletes who wish to dry out and lose fat quickly, Anvarol is a product known to be effective in achieving their goals. Anvarol is an alternative substitute for Anavar, an anabolic steroid that has become illegal and has long been used by elite athletes. The difference is that Anvarol is 100% natural and without side effects.

The greatest strength of Anvarol is that it burns fat quickly while increasing power tenfold and preserving lean fat. Thus, its intake during training allows longer and more intense sessions for guaranteed results in a short period of time.

The ingredients that make up Anvarol are mainly wild yam root, soy protein extracts, several amino acids from various sources and a high concentration of ATP.

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Winsol is a natural steroid in the class of legal anabolic drugs. Winsol is a substitute for Winstrol, a product made illegal for top athletes and classified as doping by sports institutions.

The characteristics of Winsol offer the athlete a considerable loss of fat mass in a relatively short period of time and a gain in muscle mass. As a result, bad fats are burned off and the body becomes firmer until a well-sculpted silhouette is achieved. It also prevents water retention during weight loss and the results are clearly visible.

Winsol contains 100% natural ingredients to prevent unwanted effects. Acetyl L-carnitine is the compound present in the majority of the product. This acid increases energy production tenfold to allow for more intense and longer-lasting efforts. Choline bitartrate is a micro-nutrient that stimulates the metabolism.

Winsol also contains extracts of wild yam root and safflower oil, ingredients with vasodilating properties for a better supply of oxygen in the blood and repairing effects on damaged cells for a relatively short recovery time.

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Top 3 dietary supplements for power take-off

The PTO is essential to be able to evolve in your training and move to a higher level. Increasing your physical strength will prevent you from stagnating and will allow you to lift heavier loads than usual. To help you get this power boost, here are the top 3 of the most recommended supplements.


Anadrole is a natural steroid that considerably increases physical strength and endurance during exercise. Its effect contributes to the production of red blood cells in large quantities in order to optimize the supply of oxygen to the muscles.

A perfectly oxygenated muscle has a greater capacity to withstand effort and develops more power and resistance, which results in a longer and more intense workout.

Fatigue is also felt less after each session and post-session pain such as aches and pains are greatly reduced. Recovery time is also reduced thanks to Anadrole.

Reproducing the effects of oxymethalone, this product consists mainly of whey and acetyl-L-carnitine (soy protein). These compounds considerably boost the production of red blood cells.

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Top 3 des meilleurs compléments alimentaires pour la musculation
Anadrole: dietary supplement for power take-off.

Testo Max

The Testo Max is a product that stimulates the production of testosterone. This hormone is probably the most important substance involved in the formation of your muscles, strength, energy and performance.

Testosterone decreases gradually with age, making men much less virile and less resilient beyond their forties. Taking products that increase this rate is therefore almost indispensable for athletes over this age group.

But younger athletes can safely use it for impressive gains in physical strength, mass and energy.

The Testo Max consists mainly of D-aspartic acid, vitamins D, B6, K1, magnesium and zinc. The most important property of D-aspartic acid is its ability to regulate the amino acids in charge of producing the hormone that secretes testosterone.

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NO2 Max

NO2 Max naturally boosts the nitric oxide in the body to provide excess oxygen during training. This increases your strength tenfold so that you can lift heavier loads and be more resistant to extend the duration of your workouts.

Totally natural, its main ingredient is L-arginine alpha-keto-glutarate (AAKG). This substance is an amino acid whose major role is to dilate the vessels to obtain a better blood circulation.

NO2 Max not only increases your strength. It also boosts resistance and decreases the time needed for recovery after efforts.


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  • Natural ingredients

Bouteille de NO2 Max

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Differences between doping products and food supplements

Many athletes tend to mix doping products and food supplements. In fact, most natural supplements are often confused with anabolic steroids and their image is tarnished by this kind of misjudgment.

Anabolic steroids

These are synthetic substances that are modelled on testosterone. This type of product is very popular in the bodybuilding industry, especially for bodybuilders to quickly boost muscle mass and increase physical strength tenfold.

Anabolic steroids are considered doping products in their own right and are prohibited in sports competitions. Their sale is even prohibited in many states and athletes often use the black market to obtain them.

There are strict laws governing their use and they are classified in the same way as cocaine. They are considered dangerous to health whether consumed in small or large quantities.

But the fact that they are very popular with bodybuilders is their significant effects on the body. They allow lightning evolutions of muscular mass and strength in a very short time.

The most used and most famous anabolic steroids are among others Dianabol, Trenbolone, Winstrol, Anadrol or Anavar.

Later on, products were developed that use the same bases as their elders, but use natural compositions with fewer dangers and health risks. These new products are internationally recognized and are free to circulate on the market.

For example, D-Bal replaces Diabanol, Trenorol is a substitute for Ttrenbolone and Winsol is the natural equivalent of Winstrol. These products have similar effects, but without significant side effects.

Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are concentrations of nutrients intended to supplement the usual diet. They are intended to meet the need for certain nutrients such as vitamins or proteins to prevent deficiencies.

Top 3 des meilleurs compléments alimentaires pour la musculation
Dietary supplements are legal and safe, unlike steroids.

Athletes often use dietary supplements for specific purposes: for example, an athlete who builds muscle will need extra protein intake.

Dietary supplements can be combined with each other for greater efficiency and are sold in doses such as ampoules, capsules or tablets. They can be amino acids, minerals, specific enzymes or vitamins.

The intake of food supplements is very advisable both for athletes and for people who follow a well-defined diet. They are purely natural products that are highly concentrated in the form of medicines. They do not represent any danger if they are taken in respectable proportions. They also improve physical conditions.

There is therefore no reason to confuse anabolic steroids, which are loaded with synthetic hormones, with food supplements, which are natural nutrients that can be found in the daily diet, but in higher concentrations.

A guide to creatine, one of the best friends of athletes

Creatine is a substance produced by the body to provide the energy needed to make it work. However, it is possible to consume creatine in the form of a dietary supplement if you practice an intense physical activity such as weight training.

How does creatine act?

In the case of an intense effort of short duration, the creatine is very effective to boost your energy. It provides a tenfold increase in physical strength to enable you to lift heavier loads than usual. You can thus provide more effort to gain muscle mass.

However, creatine only produces this effect when the effort becomes really intense. It is therefore impossible for a person who does not practice weight training or sustained physical activity to gain muscle and strength, unlike doping products.

Creatine also allows for better cellular regeneration of muscle tissue, in order to reduce the recovery period and also post-workout pain.

The long-term intake of creatine is an excellent way to make rapid progress in your workouts. You will avoid stagnating too early and you will evolve constantly for a constant development of your muscle mass.

How to consume creatine?

Creatine comes in various forms. The most recommended is the monohydrate. It is the most studied form which makes it possible to obtain the best possible results for the sportsmen.

On the one hand, creatine monohydrate makes it possible to gain strength and mass more quickly, but its consumption presents the least possible risks for the body, unlike the others.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a unique food supplement without additive ingredients, this is the most common form. Many other forms of creatine are mixed with other components for commercial purposes only, but do not enhance its effectiveness in any way.

Finally, creatine monohydrate is the cheapest form you can find on the market, yet is the most effective.

Top 3 des meilleurs compléments alimentaires pour la musculation
Creatine is one of the best food supplements for the sportsmen.

Which dangers does it represent on health?

Although dietary supplements are subject to the prejudices of many consumers regarding negative health effects in the medium and long term, creatine is considered almost harmless to the body.

It has been the subject of numerous studies that have led to the same result: it is one of the safest dietary supplements on the market. Not without side effects, however, these are very minimal and do not pose a danger to the body.

Moreover, the undesirable effects linked to its consumption occur most of the time following a wrong dosage due, for example, to the sportsman’s impatience to achieve results too quickly. It also happens that the product purchased is of poor quality and has repercussions on health.

The side effects you may experience are at worst weight gain or digestive problems. As for contraindications, only people suffering from kidney problems are advised not to take creatine.


Dietary supplements are products that athletes really need to evolve and reach higher physical and athletic dimensions. If doping products have made the taking of supplements famous, they are however too dangerous for health and are prohibited by law. Natural products are safer with much less impact on the body.