Best testosterone boosters for muscle mass gain

Testosterone is a hormone naturally secreted by the testicles in men, and in small quantities by the ovaries in women. Reaching its maximum level during puberty, testosterone decreases over time. This constant fall can cause a decrease in muscular strength, endurance and libido. Fortunately, natural testosterone boosters can improve muscle and sexual function when a testosterone deficiency prevails. They help our body to acquire the nutrients that allow a better production of testosterone. Testogen, Testofuel and Prime Male are among the best on the market. This is why they are in our Top 3 of the best testosterone boosters.

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Our Top Testosterone Boosters for Weight Gaining

Before reading about the most effective testosterone boosters, read our summary table on the subject:

Best testosterone boosters (for bodybuilding)

#1 Testogen: the best testosterone booster on the market for effective muscle growth

Characteristics and composition

Testogen is a food complement has an excellent formula which makes it possible to boost the testosterone. It is used to improve the level of testosterone in the body. It is a complete formula from 100% natural ingredients of very good quality, including magnesium, vitamin B6, bioperine, zinc, vitamin K1, vitamin D, an extract of nettle leaf, among others.

This formula does not contain any chemical ingredients, nor doping and acts on the libido level. It increases physical performance, while ensuring more endurance during training. It also helps to quickly gain muscle mass.

Testogen is available for a 30-day course of treatment, in the form of a box of 120 capsules. It is necessary to take 4 capsules daily, with intervals between intakes.

Complément alimentaire Testogen
Testogen is a natural and safe testosterone booster.

Mode of action

Testogen acts in :

  • increasing the body’s natural level of testosterone production through its natural ingredients;
  • increasing strength and endurance;
  • stimulating the libido and improving the quality of sexual performance;
  • Increasing the ability to concentrate.


  • Testogen is an entirely natural, effective and efficient product with significant effects on sexuality and muscle building.
  • This product increases the natural production of testosterone while restoring the level of this hormone.
  • Testogen allows the rapid development of muscle mass.
  • This natural complement makes it possible to the subject to get rid of the excess body fat.
  • Testogen accelerates the process of recovery after intense efforts.


  • The sale of Testogen is only available online, on the official website of the brand, thus limiting the possibility of buying it in stores.
  • The beneficial effects of Testogen on the body fade with the cessation of the capsules.
  • The selling price of a box of Testogen is relatively high.

Buy TestoGen, the natural testosterone booster

  • Money back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Up to 2 free bottles
  • Natural ingredients

Complément alimentaire Testogen

I order TestoGen on the official website

#2 Testofuel: an excellent testosterone booster for weight gain.

Characteristics and composition

Testofuel is a dietary supplement that is a testosterone booster par excellence. Conceived to improve the production of testosterone for a better physical performance, it is formulated only from entirely natural ingredients (vitamin D, D-aspartic acid, oyster extract, magnesium, ginseng, fenugreek, vitamin B6).

Thus, this selection of quality ingredients effectively increases the level of testosterone in the body. This natural supplement very quickly helps athletes to have more energy and for a muscular mass gain. It constitutes, then, an ideal solution to increase the testosterone level, to have more muscle and a better sexual performance.

Testofuel is presented in the form of capsules. This complement is conditioned in a box of 120 gélules. The posology is 4 capsules per day.

Mode of action

Testogen works by facilitating the natural production of testosterone in the body, thereby improving libido and providing more energy for better motivation for training. Thus, the athlete manages to better manage his strength and acquire more energy for more time during training. Quickly, this complement makes it possible to shape the muscular mass and proves to be particularly effective for a catch of muscular mass.

TestoFuel en boite
Testofuel is one of the leading boosters on the market

What are the advantages of using Testofuel?

The Testofuel dietary supplement :

  • stimulates the production of testosterone ;
  • acts efficiently and quickly ;
  • provides energy for intense muscle-building sessions;
  • is formulated for long-lasting weight gain;
  • improves mental and physical performance;
  • boosts libido.


  • Testofuel is not suitable for people with liver disorders.
  • Testofuel is contraindicated for people who are allergic to components of this food supplement.

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#3 Prime Male: a testosterone booster to develop muscles and increase libido

The high quality ingredients that make up Prime Male‘s formulation are D-aspartic acid, bioperine, boron, ginseng, luteolin, magnesium, Muscat pea extracts (Mucuna Pruriens), nettle root extracts, zinc and vitamins, D, B6, K2.

The food supplement Prime Male is a natural testosterone booster, particularly beneficial for people aged 35 years and over who are confronted with a drop in testosterone levels and quickly run out of breath during training. Indeed, Prime Male naturally stimulates the production of testosterone. Thus, it increases the level of testosterone while improving health, energy and libido, with an anti-aging effect.

Mode of action

Prime Male has many positive effects on the body through the different ingredients. This exceptional formulation improves the production of testosterone and induces an optimal condition for maximum performance. Indeed, Prime Male acts by activating the pituitary gland for testosterone secretion.

This important production of testosterone will then support the muscular construction, an improvement of the libido, more energy and excellent physical and mental performances, with an anti-ageing effect.

Prime Male, boster de testostérone
Prime Male is a testosterone booster whose formula includes 12 well-dosed natural ingredients for maximum results.

The advantages

Male Bonus :

  • increases concentration and improves mood,
  • develops muscles,
  • provides more energy,
  • promotes rapid recovery,
  • improves cardiovascular health and brain function,
  • and increases libido.


  • Prime Male is only available online, on the brand’s official website.
  • Prime Male requires, for satisfactory results, the intake of 4 tablets daily, which is not always easy for some people.
  • The selling price is not within everyone’s reach.

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