Bodybuilding: how can testosterone give you a boost?

Testosterone and weight training: what’s the link? Involved in muscle mass gain or muscle growth, this hormone is an important hormone in sport, particularly in bodybuilding. It is, naturally, produced in man, by the testicles and to a lesser extent by the ovaries and adrenal glands, under the action of the hormones LH and FSH secreted by the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. It catalyzes physiological and metabolic reactions within the body, with beneficial actions on muscle construction.

Testosterone is thus important for physical development and transformation with an effect on muscle volume, muscle building and muscle mass maintenance. It is thus an anabolic hormone which contributes to the constitution of the muscles, to the growth of these, while getting tonicity and more energy to the followers of the musculation. We will examine in more detail with you, professionals and amateurs, the close link between testosterone and bodybuilding.

Testosterone promotes the constitution of the muscle.

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Testosterone is an anabolic hormone that is largely involved in the constitution of body tissues, especially muscles, because it increases the transformation of nutrients into living tissue. In men, testosterone is used to make tissue at the muscle level or to give muscle to the body. Men with more testosterone are therefore more muscular than women. This hormone has the effect of building muscle mass.

The muscular mass that we have, depends partly on this protein synthesis. However, this anabolic hormone, interacts at the molecular level to stimulate protein synthesis and tissue growth, resulting in an increase in muscle. In addition to accelerating protein synthesis, the anabolic effect of this hormone is also manifested by nitrogen retention. This hormone induces changes in the body and thus promotes muscle anabolism, which corresponds to a renewal or construction of cell tissue. It induces a better management of muscular anabolism.

Thanks to this hormone which activates anabolism, the muscular tissue degraded during the effort or the exercises, is regenerated at the time of the phases of anabolism. There is therefore a construction and renewal of muscle tissue, thus helping to counterbalance the effect of the degradation of muscle tissue by the body to produce the energy it needs (muscle catabolism). In fact, by stimulating protein synthesis, this hormone increases anabolism. The increase in anabolism, which is consequently superior to catabolism, will thus manifest itself by a muscular gain.

With the anabolic actions of this hormone, it is thus possible to have muscle or to take muscle naturally by having a sufficient level of male hormone in the body, through a diet and an adapted lifestyle. Buying testosterone directly is also a way to amplify this phenomenon. Rest and sleep are also important so as not to interfere with the natural production of testosterone.

Testosterone promotes muscle growth

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Testosterone is greatly beneficial to those who are looking for muscle growth. Indeed, it is an important hormone in the field of bodybuilding. It muscles the body and promotes muscle growth. It allows, thus, a visible musculature or a development of skeletal muscles (which are different from the cardiac muscle).

With a high level, testosterone promotes the growth of skeletal muscles by increasing the synthesis of proteins involved in the growth of muscle fibers. To do this, testosterone infiltrates into the cells and promotes the process necessary for protein synthesis. Thus, it confers volume to the musculature or allows the muscle to gain volume by increasing the size and number of muscle fibers. It multiplies muscle fibers and increases the amount of muscle mass in our body. The release of a sufficient quantity of testosterone in the blood thus promotes muscle hypertrophy, which corresponds to an increase in muscle volume. In doing so, it boosts muscle growth.

There are many receptors for this hormone in the muscles. Thus, on the surface of muscle cells, this male hormone binds the receptors, then inside the muscle tissue, it increases the biochemical signals that are responsible for protein synthesis. With these various actions at the level of muscle cells and muscle tissue, testosterone directly affects muscle growth. To increase muscle mass, this hormone also promotes the synthesis of myofibrils (actin and myosin filaments), which are muscle cells. It induces a specific development on the muscle cell.

Also, to promote the harmonious development of muscles, this male hormone contributes to the elimination of fat and the reduction of fatty tissue. It effectively stimulates the body’s fat-reducing properties.

Testosterone gives tonus and increases the energy level.

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A high testosterone level is important for bodybuilding enthusiasts. The use of a large number of muscles over a long period of time requires a significant amount of testosterone in the body. With the anabolic properties of this hormone, which delays the feeling of tiredness, bodybuilding enthusiasts can easily extend their workouts. Fatigue is not, therefore, felt too much during training sessions, with, on the other hand, an increase in resistance to fatigue.

Thus, for the practice of bodybuilding, this hormone allows us to train often, to make more efforts and to benefit from the effects of the bodybuilding sessions. The practitioner develops, thus, more strength. This hormone being also the hormone of virility, it increases aggressiveness and competitiveness while facilitating endurance and recovery and increasing the storage of sugar in the muscles. Thus, during the sessions, this hormone promotes the mobilization of energy reserves. The effects of this hormone, generate constant energy, increased endurance, breath and tone.

It promotes a better recovery after the effort. During the recovery phase, it promotes a relaxation of muscles with better muscle repair following microtrauma resulting from major efforts.

But, the effects of this hormone are not only physical, but this male hormone also acts at the psychic level. This hormone stimulates the mind with a considerable effect on motivation. It makes you more perseverant and makes it possible to carry out more intense and longer training sessions. The muscle-building enthusiast can, therefore, train very hard by practicing strength exercises, while enduring the pain that may occur.