All you need to know about Boldenone (purchase, price, advice, dosage…)

Would you like to improve your muscular performance? There are many products on the market that can help you achieve this goal. But you still need the right products. Boldenone is one of them. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about it. However, since it is a steroid, the consumption of which is therefore prohibited in France, we will also devote a section to Decaduro, its legal alternative, at the end of the article.

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All about Boldenone

What is it all about?

Boldenone is a steroid sold in the form of a drug to be injected and is presented under 4 names namely Anabol, Equipoise, Ultragan and Equigan. The particularity of this powerful anabolic drug is that it has a lower androgenic effect compared to a classic doping drug.

Boldenone is a steroid.

It is interesting to note that this drug was originally intended for horses. Owners used to administer it on animals to make them larger. At the same time, the animals became more efficient and stronger. Gradually, manufacturers began to recommend Boldenone for humans as adults. Athletes, or more precisely, bodybuilding enthusiasts, were interested.

The dosage

The conditions for injecting Boldenone vary depending on the individual. The effects of this medication are long-lasting. A weekly injection is then sufficient, at a dose of 300 to 400 mg each time.

Bodybuilders can inject daily or every other day. In this case, the amount administered daily is about 25 mg/ml. It should be noted that bodybuilders usually combine Boldenone with other products to optimize its effects (such as testosterone, stanazolole or trenbolone).

What are the effects?

An athletic adult who practices weight training has several benefits from Boldenone. Firstly, the active ingredients released by the drug promote the production of red blood cells, thus boosting cell oxygenation. The muscles can then develop more healthily. The body is better able to withstand a prolonged training session and recovers more quickly after it.

Secondly, the anabolic agent acts on the appetite, which increases considerably. This is favorable to increase muscle mass since the athlete eats much more. It is then necessary to privilege the meals rich in proteins.

Finally, this steroid limits water retention and promotes the increase in muscle mass. It is important to know that muscles develop at a reasonable speed. The result can be seen little by little, but it is certainly more durable.

Side effects

First, it should be noted that Boldenone persists in the body for 2 weeks after injection. The components can still be detected about 18 months after taking it. For this reason, bodybuilders who frequently perform competitions must be careful to avoid possible sanctions and/or disqualifications.

Boldenone stays in the body for a long time.

In any case, it is important to keep in mind that Boldenone remains a prohibited product. First, because it is a steroid. But also because it has side effects.

Man produces a certain amount of testosterone every day. However, Boldenone is an annihilator of this male hormone, because of the similarity of the two products. The body will produce less of it when it detects the presence of the anabolic, confusing it with testosterone. This is detrimental to health because the body eventually runs out of it. Eventually, the sperm will become of poor quality. The libido decreases and the sexual prowess is less good.

These side effects are less important compared to other types of steroids on the market. Nevertheless, the risks do exist. It is preferable to turn to a legal alternative such as Decaduro!

Boldenone: price, advice and where to buy it?

Boldenone is available from online pharmacies. It is recommended to invest in products sold by reliable sites and recommended by many consumers to avoid counterfeits. Ask the platform if it gives a contact to know the mode and delivery times as well as the cost of the products.

Bodybuilders who are going to compete may not appreciate the fact that the components of Boldenone remain in the body for a long time unlike other athletes who would consider this a quality. This is beneficial to them as the effects are felt even weeks after the injection. The gained muscle mass remains visible for about 3 weeks.

Consumers also report adverse effects, including nausea. In any case, if there is any doubt and in case of discomfort, it is strongly advised to immediately stop the treatment and consult a specialist.

All about Decaduro, a legal alternative to Boldenone

What is it all about?

Decaduro, from Crazy Bulk, is a complete and healthy bodybuilding product. It is entirely composed of natural ingredients. It is a food complement intended for the sportsmen in search of gain of muscular mass. It contributes to develop the size, to gain in performance and to recover more quickly after each training.

Here are the main ingredients of this product:

  • L-Arginine: improves the production of nitric oxide and dilates the blood vessels, optimizing the oxygenation of the muscles;
  • L-Citrulline: enhances the effectiveness of the L-Arginine component;
  • L-Carnitine: swells strong muscles and protects muscle tissue;
  • Wild yam root: burns fat;
  • Ginseng: boosts energy and gives tonus.

How to take Decaduro and where to find it?


Decaduro comes in capsule form. The opinions on this drug are particularly positive. It should be taken about three quarters of an hour before starting training. Crazy Bulk recommends a dose of three capsules daily.

Take them every day for about 2 months, take a 10-day break and then continue the treatment. Couple the medication with an appropriate diet for optimal effectiveness.

Decaduro is sold freely on many sites, but it is advisable to always trust the official distributors for more reliability. Go to these addresses to buy Decaduro. The price varies from one seller to another and this drug is obtained without a prescription. Overall, 50 euros should be expected for a 30-day treatment. Please note that the delivery conditions are different for each distributor.


Boldenone is a steroid that promises visible results for those who wish to build muscle mass. Goals are easily achieved with this product, but side effects and undesirable side effects must also be taken into account. To limit the risks, it is preferable to turn to a healthier and legal alternative, such as Crazy Bulk’s Decaduro, which promises similar results .

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