All you need to know about Cardarine (purchase, price, advice, dosage…)

Many synthetic products are currently available on the market to boost physical performance and/or promote muscle growth. Cardarin is one of the most popular among them, especially among bodybuilders. However, the consumption of this substance presents health hazards and it is moreover illegal, both for sale and consumption?

I propose to discover everything there is to know about this molecule to answer this question. Finally, I will give you my opinion about it and I will present Crazy Bulk, a brand that offers healthier food supplements for bodybuilding, with similar effects.

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Cardarine: What is it?


Cardarin is a chemical substance developed by the Glaxo Smith and Kline laboratory in the 1990s. This compound is also known as GW501516. It is a light yellow crystalline powder with a melting point of about 135°C. Its chemical formula is C21H18F3NO3S2.

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Cardarin is a substance that promotes muscle growth.

How it works

Many documents mention that the Cardarine works in the same way as SARM. The compound actually acts by activating delta PPAR to stimulate muscle tissue, the heart and specific genes in the brain. In this way, it promotes lipolysis or lipid breakdown and boosts muscle development and physical performance.

What are the benefits of Cardarin on the body?

To begin with, I would like to note that Cardarin has not been tested on humans. The benefits I report in this section are therefore based on scientific studies conducted on animals and user feedback.

Fight against obesity and type 2 diabetes

Cardarin was initially developed to regulate metabolism and combat obesity and type 2 diabetes. Indeed, this substance has the ability to optimize the burning of fat in the body. Tests on rats have also proven that it effectively prevents obesity even if the subject regularly consumes fatty foods. GW501516 also promotes the absorption of glucose into the tissues.

Improved physical performance

Consumption of Cardarin causes an increase in PPAR genes in muscle fibers. This regulates the use of oxygen and optimizes the athlete’s endurance. The athlete feels much more energetic and can therefore train longer and more intensively for better results. The product also reduces recovery time after sessions.

The other virtues of Cardarine

  • Improvement of blood circulation ;
  • Mitigation of dermatological disorders such as psoriasis;
  • Acceleration of healing in diabetics;
  • Prevention and attenuation of plaque accumulation in the arteries;
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering bad cholesterol levels.

How to take Cardarin?

Regular users of Cardarin generally recommend taking between 10 and 15 mg per day for 8 to 12 weeks to achieve satisfactory results. They also say that it is possible to increase the daily dose up to 20 mg to maximize the effects. However, it is important to monitor your health regularly and to stop the treatment immediately if side effects persist and/or worsen. After the 12 weeks of treatment, a break of 1 month is required before resuming the treatment.

Is the consumption of Cardarin allowed?

Is this substance legal?

The scientific community saw this substance as an effective and healthy solution against metabolic disorders and heart disease at the beginning of the studies. However, researchers later discovered that Cardarin was carcinogenic in the long term. I still note that the experiments were conducted on animals. The study was immediately suspended and the consumption of the product has been strictly forbidden since 2009.

What do the sports authorities say?

WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and professional sports authorities also consider GW501516 as a doping and dangerous compound. You risk disqualification and severe sanctions if you test positive to this product during a competition. In addition, it is dangerous for your health.

Are there any other side effects?

The risk of cancer is the main reason why this substance is now banned. But there are also other side effects that many users have reported. Some have also been observed in experimental animal studies.

Tout savoir sur Cardarine
Cardarin is a carcinogenic product.

Side effects observed in rats

  • Risks to the fetus and placental development ;
  • Fibrosis in subjects with liver disorders ;
  • General toxicity at high doses.

Reported Cases

  • Gynecomastia: development of breast tissue leading to the appearance of breasts in male consumers;
  • Mild virilization in women: change in voice tone, hair growth in uncomfortable places or even infertility ;
  • Hair loss;
  • Nausea and headaches;
  • Visual disturbances.

Is it possible to buy Cardarin online and at what price?

The consumption of this dietary supplement is certainly forbidden, but many athletes and bodybuilders still consider it a must to boost physical conditions. It is thus obvious that you will not be able to buy Cardarine in pharmacies. However, the substance is found on the black market online at varying prices depending on the supplier. However, I recommend that you be careful if you want to go down this road because there are many scams. And many people don’t realize it until it’s delivered.

What are the opinions on Cardarine?

What do users think?

Opinions are divided, but many users think that Cardarine significantly increases physical performance and therefore allows you to train more intensely. They think that the side effects are negligible compared to the results obtained after a cure. However, some say that such a product should be treated with caution.

My opinion

For my part, I recognize that the effects on the muscles are spectacular. Certainly, positive results have been seen in athletes who have experimented with the product. On the other hand, it is imprudent to consume a substance whose real effects on humans (positive or negative) are not known. I am convinced that the researchers had legitimate reasons to stop the studies. I would therefore personally advise you to turn to natural and healthier food supplements to increase your physical performance. They are available and delivery is safe and fast if you buy on the official website of the manufacturer.

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