All you need to know about D-Bal MAX (purchase, price, advice, dosage…)

As bodybuilders, we would all like to experience the extremely powerful effects of steroids without taking the terrifying health risks associated with them (not to mention the legal risks). We would like to feel the amazing effects of the world’s most effective and famous steroid in our bodies without having to endure its side effects! This dream is now a reality for us thanks to D-BAl Max, which has positioned itself as a reliable, natural and legal alternative formula to the illegal steroid, Dianabol, considered the most powerful mass market steroid.

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What benefits can I expect with D-BAL MAX?


D-BAL MAX helps us maximize our muscle growth. In addition to giving us the energy we need for our workouts, this natural and inexpensive food supplement allows us to burn more fat and gain significant lean muscle mass. It should be stressed that to reach such effects, it induces the increase of the levels of testosterone, the steroid hormone.

How does D-Bal Max work?

Before buying a supplement, it is legitimate to understand how it works in the body. In the mass supplement market, D-Bal Max ranks among the alternatives to steroids for 3 reasons:

  • Acceleration of protein biosynthesis

In our bodybuilders, muscle fibers often “break down” after intensive training. Proteins are synthesized to “repair” damaged muscles and even make them bigger (more volume) than before. The problem is that the process of protein synthesis can be very slow, which also affects the time it takes for the muscle to set. The advantage of D-Bal Max is that it speeds up protein synthesis through a combination of meticulously selected ingredients. D-Bal max is known to regulate your level of somatomedin C (also called IGF-1), a substance that is strongly involved in muscle cell renewal.

  • Increases testosterone levels

Testosterone is one of the secrets of muscle growth. Researchers believe that the level of free testosterone decreases with age. This is not in the interest of us bodybuilders, professionals or amateurs. The good news is that it is possible to increase the level of free testosterone at any age. However, it is better to do it naturally to avoid a flood of side effects. With D-Bal Max, you are sure to effectively increase your testosterone level, almost without side effects, with the happy consequence of reducing fat mass and increasing lean muscle mass.

  • Less fatigue and more energy

For sportsmen and women, and especially for us bodybuilders, energy is necessary to guarantee the duration and quality of physical training. Lifting dumbbells induces the production of serotonin in the body to regulate the way we feel fatigue. When there is a large amount of serotonin in our body, fatigue is felt acutely, and we no longer have enough energy to lift larger weights. This is when D-Bal Max is of interest: athletes, especially bodybuilders who take this supplement, have a slower serotonin production process during their workouts. As a result, they feel less tired (are more resistant to fatigue) and can train longer.

What are the ingredients of D-Bal Max?

Se muscler efficacement sans stéroïdes

D-Bal Max supplement contains three quality, clinically proven ingredients in sufficient dosage to work synergistically. We invite you to examine them in detail, one by one.


Commonly known as a “plant steroid”, 20-Hydroxyecdysterone is a plant extract with interesting anabolic muscle strengthening properties. It promotes nitrogen retention, protein synthesis and increases the conversion of muscle content into ATP.

According to Russian researchers, 20-Hydroxyecdysterone has a tremendous anabolic effect on muscle contractile proteins. This ingredient helps your muscles to work much more intensely during your physical training activities.

Pro BCAA Complex

It is a complex of branched-chain (or branched chain) amino acids composed notably of the trio leucine, isoleucine and valine. Researchers unanimously agree that these amino acids are essential, which means that we owe their presence in the body to our diet and food supplements such as D-Bal Max because the body does not synthesize them. Several scientific studies have shown that this amino acid complex is useful for increasing power, strength and endurance during physical exertion. This complex induces a significant improvement of the metabolism and an increase in the combustion of fat masses. In addition, leucine (or L-leucine) proves to be a key element in the process of muscle cell renewal.

Whey protein complex

For D-Bal MAX users, the whey protein complex provides daily nourishment for muscle tissue, while helping to maintain and maximize muscle growth.

What is the dosage of D-Bal Max?

Boite de D-Bal Max ouverte

Each bottle of D-Bal Max contains 45 capsules. The recommended dosage for this supplement is to take one capsule with a glass of water three times a day. The intakes have to be well spaced from each other. One capsule can be taken before or after your physical activities.

Advice on the effectiveness of D-Bal Max

The effectiveness of D-Bal Max is beyond doubt, especially since its dosage is appropriate in the opinion of specialists. That said, the first beneficial effects are visible after a fortnight of use in some people. For others, it takes one, two or three months to take full advantage of the supplement.

Price, purchase and delivery of the D-Bal Max supplement

Where and at what price can D-Bal Max be purchased?

The D-Bal Max supplement is only sold on the official Bauer manufacturer’s website. Two bottles of 45 capsules each are normally sold there at a total price of €76.95; but on this site you can obtain them at the studied price of €64.95. Both bottles cover a 30-day course of treatment.

For a supply of 3 months, 6 vials are needed. You will get them at 159,95€, a saving of 75€. If you decide to buy 12 vials of D-Bal Max, corresponding to a 6-month supply, you will save 215€ and pay only 249,95€. Please note that these prices are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the manufacturer who reserves the right to frequently offer commercial gestures to its customers.


The delivery of D-Bal Max is made as soon as possible to the address indicated at the time of the order on the official website. In general, the manufacturer undertakes, in partnership with the carrier, to deliver the package within 24 or 48 hours after payment of the purchase amount. It may happen that the order is exceptionally delivered between 72 hours and 7 working days, for reasons beyond the manufacturer’s control.

Buy D-BAL MAX, the safe alternative to Dianabol

  • Satisfaction or money back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Up to 2 months of free treatment
  • Own muscle reinforcement


I order D-BAL MAX on the official website