All you need to know about DBulk from Brutal Force (purchase, price, advice, dosage…)

Brutal Force is a relatively new brand that markets stimulating products for athletes and bodybuilders. These products reproduce the effects of the famous anabolic drugs of the 70s and 80s which have since been banned. With DBulk, the effects of Dianabol are reproduced in a much more neutral formulation that limits side effects. In the following lines will be developed the effects on the body, the composition, but also the price and how to buy it.

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What is DBulk?

DBULK par Brutal Force

Brutal Force DBulk is a recent product that mimics the effects of Dianabol. This molecule is famous because it made the reputation of many athletes a few decades ago. Unfortunately, too many side effects and health risks have forced governments, in turn, to ban it from sale. Therefore, it is only allowed in very specific cases and with the authorization and supervision of a doctor.

The vacuum left has pushed manufacturers to find alternative methods to help athletes without doping them. Therefore, natural formulations have taken over, reducing the health risks at the same time. It is in this context that DBulk was born, one of the best natural products that improves and facilitates weight gain.

Moreover, the manufacturer makes several promises to its customers, and the opportunity will arise to come back on it in more details:

  • A 100% safe and legal product
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No side effects or injection
  • Fast results
  • Free express delivery
  • A money back guarantee
musculation dbulk
Dbulk promises fast results without side effects.

Dianabol as an example

Imagining a product is complicated. Therefore, to develop the DBulk, Brutal Force wanted to copy a known product: Dianabol. At the very least, the effects it produced. And it is far from being a recent molecule. Indeed, the first attempts to develop steroids date back to the 1940s. Already at that time, the aim was to help athletes improve their performance. But here, with the sole aim of representing their countries at the Olympic Games and thus to highlight the superiority of the Soviet bloc; then later of the West. The use of steroids will moreover remain confidential and very limited to this single sector.

Dianabol appeared only much later, when the Americans were looking for an answer to give to the Russians. And this is how methandrostenolone appears, from which Dianabol is derived. At its beginnings, the merits of this product are praised. A molecule that rapidly increases muscle tone and performance, sold freely and advertised without complex. Nothing like it to interest the American public. It was only years later, with a little hindsight, that the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration, the equivalent of the US Department of Health, decided to limit its use.

In the land of Uncle Sam, the prohibition of methandrostenolone necessarily went hand in hand with the creation of a parallel market. The latter will really cause harm by promoting the sale of products that are dangerous to health.

What are the effects of DBulk?

DBulk produces several interesting effects for the sportsman who wants to build up muscles. The effects produced use the well-known metabolisms such as nitrogen retention in the muscles, better protein synthesis, etc.

Lift more weight

By following a cure of this product, the athlete is able to lift more cast iron for the same exercise at the end of the cure. This means that it allows the muscular development, and a rapid development with a perpetuation thereafter of the mass obtained.

An important muscle production

As written above, DBulk creates muscle quickly. For this, there is no miracle. It improves the body’s metabolism that produces muscle cells in the body. Thus, nitrogen is better retained in the cells. Then, proteins are transformed faster thanks to this better nitrogen content. Finally, in order for the cells to feed and multiply, it is necessary for the glycogen produced by the liver to be quickly transformed into glucose, which can be used by the body’s cells.

produire du muscle
Thanks to a better retention of nitrogen and protein synthesis, muscle tissue develops more quickly.

Muscle, not fat

The main concern with the period of weight gain in an athlete is that it does not allow to sort between fat and muscle gain. Therefore, the athlete is obliged to alternate the phases of weight gain and the cutting phase. The first allows to gain weight and muscle, the second reduces the amount of fat by transforming fat (glycogen) into glucose to transform it into muscle afterwards. This phase alternation is very detrimental to the linearity of the muscle gain, because it is done in stages. Therefore, we have the impression of stagnating at times. This is detrimental to the morale and motivation of the athlete.

With DBulk, the cutting phase is much smaller, because this dietary supplement makes it possible to create muscle directly and to limit the storage of fats. The main means used to make this happen is to promote glycogenolysis. In other words, to promote the process of transformation of glycogen into glucose. The body therefore fails to store, or stores much less, glycogen and uses all the sugar that is available to make muscle!

A better testosterone level

Sales pitch number 1, testosterone levels are not outdone when it comes to DBulk. Indeed, the various ingredients promote its production. The body has more testosterone. The metabolisms that use this molecule as a catalyst can therefore all work at the same time.

Indeed, if testosterone is often limited to the masculine and virile character, it is much more useful. For example, it is involved in the synthesis of proteins. This is much more useful for the athlete than the appearance of hair.

A better recovery

So that the body can develop better and faster, it is necessary that the product used, the food supplement, allow to lift more weight, to train harder. But a harder training also implies a longer recovery.

The DBulk also works on this aspect of physical training. The DBulk also works on this aspect of physical training because it reduces the recovery time required. The athlete can therefore train several times a week without feeling tired or in pain.

What are the ingredients of DBulk?

La composition de DBULK

DBulk consists of several ingredients. However these are not numerous, which limits the possibilities of harmful interaction between two molecules. In addition, all the ingredients are natural, unlike Dianabol which was a completely artificial molecule produced in the laboratory. In this respect, the health risks incurred by those following a DBulk cure are much lower;

Vitamin D3

Better known as cholecalciferol, vitamin D3 is the natural form of vitamin D. The reason it is best known is because it is synthesized by the skin through the sun’s rays. Hence the regular intake of vitamin D3 in the winter when the sunlight is lacking.

For an athlete, vitamin D3 is particularly important because it helps to fix calcium in the body. In other words, it strengthens the bones. In addition, it keeps the body’s calcium and phosphorus levels correct.

Having a vitamin D3 deficiency implies weaker bones, but also difficulty in producing muscle and persistent fatigue. The addition of D3 to the DBulk formulation therefore creates a favorable environment in the body for muscle development.

MSM (Methyl sulfanyl methane)

Behind this abbreviation, and this very chemical name, one would think that it is an element produced in a laboratory and which has no species of natural origin. And yet… This compound is naturally present in the body! And that one can consume today in the form of food supplement.

It is known for its action on the inflammations and the pains. It is for this reason that it is used, for example, in the fight against arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc.. However, its use as a medicine produces undesirable effects and it is for this reason that it has been abandoned in favor of its use as a dietary supplement.

The natural sources of MSM are varied. It is found in vegetables (beet, cabbage, tomatoes), cow’s milk, and beverages (coffee, tea, beer). However, the proportions are far too low in these foods to be used as a sole source.


L-Leucine is an amino acid. It is used by the body in the metabolism of muscle building. It acts as an intermediary to facilitate protein synthesis. Both in the production of new muscle cells and in post-training repair. At this time, it helps to repair micro injuries and micro tears in muscle tissue. The healing process produces new tissue, which is the basis for the increase in muscle mass. It is thus normal to find this amino acid in a food supplement intended for sportsmen and women.

Suma powder

The plant from which this powder is made is also known as Brazilian ginseng. Amazonian people use it for different reasons. There is, of course, its aphrodisiac aspect, but it is also a powerful adaptogen and an interesting tonic. It is for these last two reasons that it is found in DBulk. It acts on the body like caffeine, sending it to work harder and harder.

Apart from this aspect, Suma powder is also very rich in trace elements, vitamins, saponin, antioxidants, allantoins, etc. In cosmetics, it is therefore used to treat tired skin, damage caused by stress, pollution, etc. In the world of bodybuilders, it will therefore facilitate the recovery of the body.

ingredients dbulk brutal force
Brazilian and Indian Ginsengs are two of the ingredients of Brutal Force DBulk and offer a better recovery after the effort.

Ashwagandha’s powder

Ashwagandha is better known as Indian ginseng. Another ginseng. This plant is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine for its properties related to cell regeneration. In this case, it will therefore help athletes to recover from their training. By helping the body to heal and regenerate damaged tissues.

Beyond that, it is also very rich in antioxidants.

Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a plant that is often found in food supplements for its virtues, as one of the best. It is one of the key elements that improves the production of testosterone. In this regard, it is often found in supplements that fight erectile dysfunction.

But for the athlete, testosterone will be used in the synthesis of proteins to produce muscle.

In addition to this, it has the ability to act on sports performance. The body’s endurance increases, as does muscle mass.

The interest of adding Tribulus Terrestris for an athlete is also that it lowers hypertension. The body therefore suffers less in physical efforts, which adds to endurance.

Sodium hyaluronate

The sodium salt of hyaluronic acid is present in the body naturally. It is a molecule that fights joint problems, such as arthritis, for example. It limits joint pain following heavy exertion, or simply caused by old age.

What dosage to follow?

Brutal Force, which manufactures DBulk, advises to follow a dosage of 3 capsules per day. As they do not contain energizing products, these can be taken in the late afternoon without disturbing sleep.

One sachet contains 90 capsules, which means 30 days of treatment.

The user can take one capsule with each meal, accompanied by a large glass of water. It is also possible to take one capsule before training so that the body receives the supplements necessary for good effort management.

What are the side effects of Brutal Force DBulk?

DBulk does not produce any noticeable side effects. As its composition is entirely natural, the only health risks are more due to the tolerance to one of the ingredients. But again, since most of them are naturally present in the body, the risks of allergy or intolerance are minimal or even non-existent.

The main inconvenience a person may experience while undergoing a cure is digestive problems. In fact, the dosage may affect the proper functioning of the transit for a few days. If this lasts longer, it is advisable to seek the advice of your doctor.

steroide Dianabol
No injection, no injection and no side effects, DBulk is taken in the form of capsules.

Where can DBulk be purchased and at what price?

DBULK par Brutal Force

The DBulk is exclusively sold on the official website of its manufacturer, Brutal Force. Indeed, it is not available in shops and parapharmacies that have a food supplement section.

It is therefore necessary to order and buy online; then wait for the delivery of its product.

DBulk is sold by sachet, but it is also possible to buy a set of 3 sachets. The price is

  • 54.99 for 1 bag
  • 109.98 for 3 bags

There is also a temporary discount in the form of a coupon.

From 3 or more bags purchased from the manufacturer, delivery is free. This is done through a company that guarantees fast delivery.

In addition, Brutal Force guarantees the effectiveness of its product without question. In other words, it is entirely possible to get your money back. This money-back guarantee covers 100 days after purchase. However, this guarantee only applies to bottles or sachets that have not yet been opened.

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What are the opinions on the DBulk?

Users’ opinion

Marvin: “DBulk’s powerful formula mimics methandrostenolone (Dianabol, the most popular steroid) without the side effects. It is the number one alternative to Dianabol. If you want muscle, and you want it now, then you’ll want DBulk too. »

Chris: “I started working out a few months ago and I needed a product that would allow me to quickly gain mass and see my development. With DBulk, I found an ally that saved me weeks of training! »

Thierry: “Despite my efforts in the gym, I couldn’t see the results that the others were getting. So I chose to take a DBulk cure to be able to progress more quickly, and above all eliminate the fat that I was storing while gaining weight. »

salle muscu
In the weight room, the DBulk gives a real advantage on muscle development.

The opinion of Athlete Temples

DBULK par Brutal Force

Is the DBulk as effective as it claims? Is it safe? These are questions that the study of this product has allowed us to answer. So yes, DBulk is of interest to those who want to gain weight while limiting fat storage. First of all, it is a safe and legal alternative to a dangerous anabolic steroid, Dianabol. Its formulation is of natural origin and is not likely to cause harm to the body. Its ingredients all have a role in the production of muscle tissue.
On the other hand, its composition is much less oriented than other products of the same style. Therefore, its effects will vary from the competition. For good or for bad, it depends strongly on the reaction of the body, which is different for everyone.

Nevertheless, with a guarantee covering a possible return of the product and the refund of its purchase price after having bought it is a good security for those who have a divided opinion before embarking on a cure.

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