Dianabol VS Anavar

Anabolic steroids have been used by bodybuilders for many years. While some products such as Dianabol (D-Bol) are popular for rapid muscle mass gain, others such as Anavar keep you in shape even during the dry season. These substances are known for their effectiveness, but remain illegal. I offer you a comparison of their composition, what they could be used for training, their undesirable effects, without forgetting their legal alternatives.

The composition

Dianabol, whose scientific name is “Methandrostenolone“, was obtained by modifying the structure of the male hormone called “testosterone” to obtain a less androgenic substance. A methyl group is also associated with the carbon in position 17 so that it survives oral ingestion. This substance also contains other ingredients such as magnesium, titanium oxide, dextrose and silicon.

Dianabol VS Anavar
Dianabol and Anavar are anabolic steroids.

Anavar is also known as its active ingredient, “Oxandrolone”, in the scientific field. It is a synthetic substance containing dihydrotestosterone. Studies have shown that the latter’s ability to increase physical performance and muscle tissue is significantly higher than that of DBol. This product contains magnesium stearate, lactose or cornstarch.

Dianabol VS Anavar: the effects on muscles

Dianabol and Anavar both promote muscle mass gain for bodybuilders. In fact, they share this common point with most other anabolic steroids. However, I would like to introduce you to other effects of these substances on the muscles.

The conservation of muscle mass

Nitrogen retention is one of the common properties of both substances. This makes them an effective solution to prevent muscle wasting. Anavar is also recommended for bodybuilders during the dry season. The product helps to maintain muscle mass despite dieting or taking supplements to reduce fat mass.

Accelerating muscle development

Nitrogen is also the essential element for protein synthesis that improves the building process of muscle tissue. The particular ability of these substances to retain this molecule is thus at the origin of the acceleration of muscle development.

Increasing endurance and physical performance

Just like Dianabol, Anavar boosts energy. It provides the strength to increase the intensity and duration of training to see better results. Fatigue would then come less easily.

Other effects of Anavar

Anavar has other effects that differentiate it from Dianabol. This product increases bone density and therefore reduces the risk of accidents such as fractures and bone diseases. It also limits the production of the stress hormone, glucocorticoid, which is often responsible for the accumulation of fat mass in the body.

Dianabol VS Anavar: the risks

The adverse effects of Anavar are significantly less compared to those of Dianabol. In fact, they appear only in the most intolerant people.

The increase of bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in the blood

The biggest side effect of Anavar to date has been an increase in bad cholesterol levels in the blood. You are also exposed to this danger when taking Dianabol. This leads to long-term blockage of the arteries and increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. You should be careful because the effects can be fatal.

Liver Disease

Dianabol is much more hepatotoxic than Anavar, whose risks are only valid in case of excessive consumption. This can lead to more or less serious illnesses such as liver failure or various lesions. The damage to this organ is sometimes manifested by the appearance of acne or dermatological problems.

Other side effects of Dianabol

  • Inability of the body to naturally produce testosterone after prolonged use;
  • Testicular atrophy;
  • Insomnia;
  • Nervous depression;
  • Gynecomastia;
  • Water retention;
  • Increase in blood pressure ;
  • Hair loss and/or baldness.

Other Side Effects of Anavar

  • Baldness and hair loss in susceptible individuals ;
  • Acne;
  • Virilization in women after prolonged use.
Dianabol VS Anavar
The consumption of Dianabol and Anavar is dangerous to health.

Are these substances legal in France?

The sale and consumption of Dianabol are prohibited in France and in Europe because of the more or less serious health risks it represents. Anavar is also illegal although its side effects are moderate. It should be noted that it is still possible to obtain this product in pharmacies with a medical prescription in some countries.

It is also possible to find these substances on the black market online. However, I do not recommend that you use this option. The products are not always reliable and authentic, and you may face serious penalties if you are caught with them, not to mention the health risks you may be exposing yourself to.

So what are the legal alternatives?

In my opinion, the most effective legal alternative to Dianabol is probably the D-Bal. This product is manufactured by Crazy Bulk, a leading brand in the field. It offers practically the same rendering as DBol with the difference that the side effects are much less dangerous, if not non-existent. This is why I recommend this option. Personally, I was able to observe conclusive results after only two months.

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Anvarol would be the best alternative to Anavar according to users’ opinions. It is also produced by Crazy Bulk. Adverse effects are moderate, but its benefits are just as interesting as those of Anavar. In addition, the product is sold at a reasonable price. You can place your order directly on the brand’s website for both substances.

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Dianabol VS Anavar: match summary table

EffectsGain of muscular mass ;
Energy booster ;
Preservation of muscles in good condition ;
Acceleration of muscle development.
Gain of muscular mass ;
Preservation of the state of the muscles ;
Energy booster;
Acceleration of muscle development ;
Increase in bone density ;
Limitation of the production of the stress hormone.
Undesirable effectsHepatotoxicity ;
Inability to produce testosterone naturally after the cycle;
Increased levels of bad cholesterol in the blood;
Increased blood cholesterol levels ;
Hepatotoxicity in case of overdose;
Virilization in women;
Hair loss.
Legal alternative?D-BalAnvarol