Dianabol VS Tren (Trenbolone)

The consumption of anabolic steroids is a solution to have well-developed and sculpted muscles like those of bodybuilders. However, some of these products are aggressive. I present a comparison of Dianabol and Tren (Trenbolone), two substances known for their effectiveness, but illegal in France and Europe.

Origin and composition

Dianabol (DBol) is one of the few anabolic steroids initially developed for athletes. It is a derivative of the male hormone testosterone. It was first used by Soviet athletes for the Olympic Games in the early 1940s. The physical performance, strength and endurance of these athletes were clearly noticeable during the competition.

Dianabol VS Tren
Dianabol and Tren are well known steroids in the bodybuilding world.

Tren is an anabolic steroid based on Trenbolone. This product comes in three forms that differ in their excipients: parabolan, enanthate and acetate. Originally, this substance was a growth hormone administered to cattle in America. It was only later that athletes began to use it with the aim of developing muscles.

Dianabol VS Tren: the effects for bodybuilders

Muscle mass gain

These two substances accelerate muscle mass gain by improving protein synthesis. This process in fact promotes the construction of muscle tissue. However, I would like to note that trenbolone is much more powerful than testosterone. This is why Tren is much more effective than Dianabol at this level. It also allows for faster recovery.

Increased endurance and physical performance

One of the main roles of anabolic steroids is to increase the physical performance and endurance of its user. This helps to extend the duration of training sessions and optimize their intensity. To do this, Tren promotes good oxygenation and nutrition of the muscles by raising the level of blood cells in the blood while Dianabol regulates insulin levels.

Maintaining muscles in good condition

The other common feature of these anabolic substances is that they promote optimal nitrogen retention, resulting in a positive, or at worst neutral, nitrogen balance. They thus limit the loss of muscle mass and volume during the treatment.

Other effects of Tren on the body

Tren also has the ability to limit the production of stress hormones that are often the cause of fat gain. In addition, it optimizes the use of nutrients contained in food to develop lean muscle. Finally, it activates the production of the hormone responsible for cell growth in the body.

Dianabol VS Tren: the risks of taking this medication

Androgenic effects

The anabolic steroids that are the subject of this comparison can both cause virilization in women by promoting the growth of male traits. An increase in the size of the clitoris, the appearance of facial hair or a change in voice tone may occur. However, I would like to point out that Tren is much more androgenic compared to Dianabol. Moreover, its effects are felt even if you take a very low dose.

Effects on the digestive system and liver

These substances affect the digestive system by increasing the risk of nausea or vomiting. However, Dianabol is more dangerous compared to Tren on this point because the latter is less flavoured. On the other hand, these steroids pose varying degrees of risk to the liver, especially if you take them orally. The consequences of damage to the liver include liver failure and other injuries.


Some components of these anabolic steroids have the ability to convert to estrogen. This can then cause men to develop breasts as a result of swollen mammary glands. The risks are much higher if you take the substances in high doses.

Dianabol VS Tren
The use of Dianabol and Tren causes side effects.

Inability to produce testosterone naturally when the treatment is stopped.

It is essential to relaunch after a course of Dianabol or Tren, because the body sometimes loses its ability to produce testosterone naturally. However, this results in a decrease in the size of the testicles, infertility or a drop in libido and sexual performance.

Other side effects of these substances

  • Headaches ;
  • Decrease in the level of good cholesterol in the blood;
  • Trouble sleeping;
  • Heart disease;
  • Baldness and acne;
  • Night sweats.

Are these substances legal?

The sale and consumption of these anabolic steroids in their pure state are prohibited in France and Europe. Tren is also considered a doping substance by international sports authorities. In other words, you are automatically disqualified and risk sanctions if you test positive for this substance before or during a competition.

There are, however, legal alternatives and, above all, much less dangerous to your health. You can use them freely in France and most other European countries. You can for example replace Dianabol by D-Bal and Tren by Trenorol.

D-Bal and Trenorol

The D-Bal is one of the most reliable alternatives to Dianabol according to users’ opinions. It produces practically the same positive effects as Dianabol. In addition to being legal, it exposes you to fewer health risks. It is not available in pharmacies, but you can place your order directly on the manufacturer’s website, Crazy Bulk.

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The most interesting alternative to Tren is Trenorol according to consumer opinions. This product is composed of natural ingredients and offers the same results as Tren. It is sold in some pharmacies. However, I recommend that you place your order on the website of Crazy Bulk, the manufacturer.

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Dianabol VS Tren: match summary table

EffectsMuscle mass gain ;
Increase in physical performance ;
Maintenance of muscles in good condition.
Muscle mass gain is much more effective;
Faster recovery;
Increased physical performance ;
Maintains muscles in good condition;
Limitation of stress hormones;
Better use of nutrients;
Activation of the production of growth hormones.
Undesirable effectsAndrogenic effects ;
Gynecomastia ;
Inability to produce testosterone naturally when the treatment is stopped;
Damage to the liver;
Heart disease;
Greater androgenic effects ;
Inability to produce testosterone naturally when the treatment is stopped;
Damage to the liver;
Heart disease; Insomnia.
Legal alternativeD-BalTrenorol