Effectively following a testosterone cure

Testosterone is the basic hormone used to make the main steroids. It allows the body to create its anabolic steroids. That’s why it’s very popular with athletes and bodybuilders! Because it is an excellent hormone to gain a lot of muscle and gain mass very quickly and easily. It is also very used after 40 years in the form of treatment to treat deficits of this hormone … It helps boost his libido! However, it is not devoid of risks… This is why there are good tricks to follow a testosterone cure effectively.

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But, it remains an excellent basic hormone to build its program of mass gain. In particular, when you want to use it at the same time as other steroids.

What effects can be expected?

Prise de masse musculaire

Used as a dietary supplement or simply as steroids outside of the diet, testosterone offers many positive effects to gain a lot of muscle mass or boost libido in a very short time.

But, these effects can also induce side effects easily avoidable if one takes the time to be informed and to define well its program of dry mass gain.

Combining testosterone and other steroids

Some athletes do not hesitate to combine several stimulants to increase the effects. This is especially true with oral steroids (such as Dianabol) and injectable steroids (such as Deca-durabolin or Boldenone).

Of course, not all products are cheap. There are also growth hormones and peptides.

Optimizing the duration of your testosterone cure

It is important to emphasize that a cure should not be prolonged any longer than necessary. It is important to respect a certain cycle in the taking and to allow the body to get used to the doses it has received. It is important to take it and to store it for a long period of time. This is why the ideal duration for a cure is between 8 and 12 weeks.

If the duration of the testosterone cure is too short, the cycle will not allow time for the anabolic steroid to fully benefit the body!

On the other hand, if the duration of the testosterone cure exceeds 12 weeks, it will be too long. And the intake will start to become dangerous. The body gets used to it and when you stop, it will no longer be able to protect itself. And, when you restart a new cure, it will take longer to take effect.

In any case, if you exceed 12 weeks, the result will not be better! Indeed, the results of the steroid diminish after 6 to 8 weeks… Its anabolic effect is less marked.

Some risks and how to avoid them!

Taking testosterone can be dangerous if you are not vigilant or do not follow the indicated dosage. Above all, the side effects of testosterone are very numerous:

  • Muscle tears and tendonitis
  • Significant development of acne
  • Breast development in men
  • Headaches and liver disorders
  • Sterility and impotence
  • Extreme virilization (in men and women)

But, there are some tricks to avoid falling into these traps!

Les effets d'une cure de testostérone varient

The most frightening disorder with testosterone is starting to develop breasts for men. In fact, this is a process that is due to the fact that testosterone can turn into estrogen. However, it is a female hormone that tends to attach itself to the mammary glands and causes the appearance of breasts… So, to effectively follow a testosterone cure, it is always advisable to also take an anti-estrogen-based support. This will prevent the appearance of a breast or even hyper sensitivity in the nipples.

If you have not protected yourself and the first symptoms appear, don’t panic! Just stop the cure and start taking one of these anti-estrogens. Like Femara, for example.

In any case, it is only a temporary phenomenon that disappears by itself if it is temporary. In the worst case, you will have to undergo surgery.

In women bodybuilders who are undergoing a testosterone cure, signs of virilization may appear! It is recommended to stop the treatment if virilization occurs in women.

Two other common side effects…

These include acne and sexual disorders such as impotence. The former can be treated fairly easily if an antibacterial soap is used. It will clean the skin and allow you to continue your treatment. The second is more annoying. In general, it is due to an overdose… In this case, it is necessary to review your treatment. If this is not enough, you will have to follow a support cure to prevent erectile dysfunction. There is also the other extreme which exists with an increase in libido. This is normal (and not so unpleasant) since testosterone has a direct effect on your reproductive system!

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