Extreme fat burner: effective or dangerous

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When you work out, you know you’re not just taking muscle. Weight gain is often accompanied by fat gain. And this fat is not necessary because the body cannot transform it entirely into muscle. So, at some point, the body has to get rid of it. And to go faster, it can be interesting to take extreme fat burners. These fat burners will act directly on the fat mass to leave only the lean mass, i.e. the muscle. On the other hand, one must be careful, because the use of fat burners is as effective as it is dangerous . So how to take an extreme fat burner?

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What is an extreme fat burner made of?

A fat burner is not a miraculous product that removes fat with a sweep… To achieve its purpose, it uses various means. Most often, an extreme fat burner will increase the basic metabolism to eliminate fat faster.

Increasing the basal metabolism is a good way to achieve this, because it is a simple and effective principle. If the body works faster and harder, it will burn more calories and therefore more fat!

Depending on the bodybuilder’s objective, the composition of the fat burner will vary. Some are more focused on the metabolism, as we have just explained. And there are a lot of ingredients that enhance the metabolism. In fact, most of them are used in everyday life, but at low doses. This is the case with caffeine, green tea, guarana, etc.

Other fat burners will use fiber-rich ingredients. The role of fiber in the body (among other things) is to slow down the passage of food from the digestive tract to the bloodstream. That’s why eating fruit, which is rich in fiber, does not cause a spike in blood sugar levels, unlike what happens with a can of soda or candy. A high-fat burner will prevent some of the fat from passing into the bloodstream, which means that we absorb less fat and therefore eliminate stocks faster. Chitosan or konjac are foods rich in fiber.

Finally, some extreme fat burners are composed of molecules that awaken the oxidative function. These contain L-carnitine or choline .

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What are the dangers of a fat burner?

Fat burners have several problems that make them inefficient and even dangerous. The first of them is that they are often very rich in caffeine. It is present in most manufactures. Caffeine, as we have pointed out, helps to increase the metabolism and therefore to burn fat. And by increasing the metabolism, we can say excitement. The consumer will become more nervous, more “stressed out”, or more motivated to do sports. It all depends on how we see it / take it. Caffeine, coupled with a gainer, will allow for more exercise, for example.

The danger this can represent? The risks associated with excess. If you only take a fat burner, you don’t have a big risk. But if you add up this dose, plus that of your morning coffee, plus that of the gainer, etc., the risk is much higher. You quickly get to more “dangerous” doses. “You risk insomnia, high blood pressure, and even more seriously, cardiovascular risks.

To increase the strength of an extreme fat burner, some manufacturers do not hesitate to add ephedrine. A product that can cause cardiovascular disorders and heart attacks.

Other manufacturers add even more dangerous substances for the sole purpose of improving the performance of their product. For example, some pills are based on phentephine, which combines methylhexaneamine, caffeine, DHEA and L-carnitine! Methylhexaneamine is a substance considered to be a doping substance because its formula is close to that of ephedrine and amphetamines, whose risks are known.

Finally, there are the dangers that do not say their name… We are talking here about interactions with other substances taken, or drugs. A simple example is the caffeine we talked about just before. The doses pile up without being noticed. This is why the advice of a professional or a doctor is always wise before following an extreme fat burner cure. In fact, stay away from these products if you have heart problems!

How effective is a fat burner?

An extreme fat burner is effective. However, it still needs to be taken correctly and in a healthy and positive way. No matter what is said, a burner will not be effective if taken alone and as a simple complement to the diet.

No, a fat burner needs to be taken in a global approach related to food. It is there that it will be able to give all its effects.

Within the framework of a drying cure for a bodybuilder, it will be effective. Because the bodybuilder knows that he must take care of his body. In the same way, he knows that certain foods are necessary and that a healthy and varied diet is mandatory.

During dry periods, some caffeine-based fat burners can help counter factors such as physical fatigue, hunger or slowing down the metabolism. These factors are normal since the body draws on its reserves to provide energy.

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That said, natural foods can replace the intake of a fat burner. But it is true that a pill is easier to take… So :

a cup of black coffee. Pure and with caffeine, it will be just as effective as a fat burner to bring the necessary tonus.
dietary supplements. If you are afraid of a deficiency during your dry period, supplements can bring you the necessary vitamins and minerals.
Spirulina is very rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. This super-food can replace a fat burner.
Finally, buying an extreme fat burner can also trigger a psychological reflection. Given that an individual is ready to get his hands on the wallet, one can suspect that he will want to make a return on his investment. He will therefore probably be more motivated and serious than a person who follows a short drying cure.

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Maximizing the effects of a fat burner

As we told you earlier, it is possible to maximize the effects of an extreme fat burner by paying attention to your lifestyle. The best possible combination is one that combines sport, balanced diet and fat burner!

Of course, it is possible to lose weight by doing only sport. Of course, it is possible to lose weight by paying attention to what you eat. But combining both or even all three with an extreme fat burner will multiply the effects tenfold.

Sport allows you to burn extra calories. By activating your body, you force it to burn fat at a certain rate. The harder the effort, the more calories are burned. That said, if you take a thermogenic or caffeine-based fat burner, your results will be even more amazing. Your body can be pushed further and you’ll burn more.

And don’t forget that weight loss through exercise is often compensated for by muscle mass gain. And this is the goal of weight training.

Food also has its role to play… As a bodybuilder, it is not possible to eat unhealthily. The body would not support it with the intake of supplements or supplements. For example, too much sugar added to a mass gainer will make you feel bad. Eat lots of meat for protein and lots of vegetables for fiber, minerals and vitamins. Avoid carbohydrates, except those that are slow so you don’t run out of fuel at the gym

Some foods such as pineapple or cabbage are natural fat burners because they provide the body with fewer calories than it needs to digest them.

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In conclusion, extreme fat burners are very fashionable, but that doesn’t mean you really need them. Limit yourself to a cure during your dry periods, while continuing your workouts. This will make them more effective and give you a little push to take it to the next level.

Keep in mind that without structured training and proper nutrition, extreme fat burners will be of little use to you… And in any case, be careful about mixing your supplements and medications to avoid dangerous interactions.

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