All you need to know about the FoodSpring range (purchase, price, advice, dosage …)

Foodspring is a company based in Berlin. The company specializes in the distribution of food and nutritional supplements for active and health-conscious people. In addition to a wide range of products that includes foods for all nutritional styles and dietary supplements for every fitness goal, the company provides a wealth of information on healthy eating and recipes. Below we answer any questions you may have about this manufacturer’s products and present a detailed Foodspring test.

What is Foodspring?

The foundation stone for Foodspring is laid in 2013. That year Philipp Schrempp and Tobias Schüle founded their company in Berlin. The first product of the brand is a certified organic protein powder. This powder shook up the world of nutritional supplements as they were known until then.

La marque FoodSpring
FoodSpring offers a varied and healthy diet for athletes.

It is no longer just about macro and micronutrients, but also about the origin and quality of the raw materials. Since then, the focus has shifted to food supplements and protein-containing foods, but also to many other products. The Foodspring range now includes everything you need for a holistic and healthy diet.

Is the price of Foodspring products justified?

What can Foodspring products that are significantly more expensive than conventional products offer? This question is asked by those who are taking a look at the Foodspring product range for the first time. They will find prices they are not familiar with outside the organic market.

This manufacturer of food supplements pays special attention to the quality of the products on offer. It favours high-quality ingredients and sustainable production. Most of the supplements offered by this brand only contain ingredients from certified organic farming. The collection of these ingredients and the production are also very expensive for the manufacturer.

Production costs are therefore passed on to the end customer, as is usual in trading companies. However, these costs are offset by a high-quality product that actually contributes to a healthy diet. If you look at the price/quality ratio as a whole, the price of Foodspring products is perfectly justified.

Experiences and opinions of Foodspring users

We are of course also interested in the experience customers have already had with the products in this online store. That’s why we have looked on Facebook and in various other forums.

The quality of Foodspring products, in particular, has been praised by many users on several occasions. Many comments focus in particular on the main use of natural ingredients and the absence of chemical additives.

Many users have also made recommendations for this online store. Although the products are mainly intended for sports nutrition, it can be seen that even people who do not actively practice sports use the products of this brand.

Users also appreciated the diversity of the offer, which includes not only classic food supplements for protein supply, but also special foods such as protein cream or protein muesli. Thus, the vast majority of critics agree that Foodspring guarantees a healthy diet.

Are there any promotional offers for Foodspring products?

Everyone can understand why the Foodspring range is relatively expensive. Nevertheless, thanks to the many discount codes you can save money when shopping. The supplier organizes large promotions at regular intervals and gives its customers rewarding discounts.

With some promotions, percentages are automatically deducted when ordering. In addition, the company always offers a promotional code that you can simply specify when ordering. There are already huge percentages on the entire order or on selected products.

There is also a discount code from time to time, which guarantees that you don’t have to pay any shipping costs or that you can add an extra product to your purchase for free.

What makes up the Foodspring product line?

The Foodspring range is very extensive. The provider has structured its offer in different categories. If you have a specific objective, such as muscle building, you can search for specific products for that purpose.

The online store offers :

  • proteins,
  • carbohydrates,
  • amino acids,
  • vitamin and mineral supplements,
  • creatine,
  • fatty acids,
  • dietary fibre,
  • pre, intra and post training complements,
  • snacks and bars,
  • mueslis and boiled,
  • drinks
  • and smart kitchen

In addition, the Foodspring offer also includes special products that are explicitly suitable for a low-carbohydrate diet, vegan nutrition, the Paleo diet and people with lactose intolerance. Packages specially designed to build muscle, lose weight or provide vital substances can also be purchased in the brand’s online store, and of course also as a trial package.

In addition, the company presents an advent calendar during the advent season. With it, buyers can discover the manufacturer’s new products for 24 days.

shape shake

Foodspring Shape Shake

Foodspring Shape Shake

A particularly popular product, Foodspring Shape Shake, is the icon of the brand. This protein powder contains among others L-carnitine and inulin. Whey proteins and calcium caseinate are the protein sources of this supplement. According to the manufacturer, these ingredients come from grass-fed cows.

Each 30-gram serving of powder contains 20 to 22 grams of protein for only 110 kcal. Inulin, found in Jerusalem artichoke and chicory, is a dietary fibre that has a positive effect on the intestinal flora. It also stimulates digestion.

Carnitine has a positive effect on the energy balance and the metabolism of nutrients. Natural flavourings have been added to the Shape Shake to improve the taste. Coconut flakes, chocolate chips, … have even been added to some variants.

Instead of sugar, the manufacturer used a sweetener, steviol glycoside. Xanthan gum and sunflower lecithin give the drink a creamy consistency.

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Foodspring Vegan Protein / Vegetable Protein

Foodspring Vegan Protein

If you want to completely exclude ingredients of animal origin, Vegan Protein food supplement is the perfect choice. Composed of a diversity of vegetable proteins, Vegan Protein has a better bioavailability compared to other vegan protein supplements. The latter are generally made up of a single source of proteins. Several flavours are available, namely strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. Depending on the variety, the protein content varies from 68, 8 to 78 grams.

Vegan Protein is made of high quality ingredients, partly from organic farming. The proteins of this supplement come from peas, rice, hemp and sunflower. The sweetened savour is, as for it, due to stevioglycosides.

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Foodspring Energy Aminos

Foodspring Energy Amino

Amino acids have the function of protecting the muscles and improving regeneration. Foodspring Energy Aminos supplements do not only contain BCAA’s or essential amino acids. They also contain pre-workout boosters and a mixture of amino acids.

They also contain arginine and L citrulline, two compounds that are beneficial to blood circulation. Beta alanine, a performance-enhancing substance, is also present. Taken regularly, beta alanine delays muscle hyperacidity and helps prevent muscle fatigue. L-arginine and citrulline help increase the nitrogen content of the blood. These two compounds also dilate the vessels. The combined action of these ingredients improves the supply of nutrients to the muscles, which stimulates muscle growth. This action also contributes to the elimination of metabolic products.

Energy Aminos supplements also contain piperine, a substance extracted from pepper. Piperine increases the bioavailability of the other ingredients. In order to provide more energy, they also contain caffeine. The composition and dosage of the ingredients are chosen to create a synergistic effect.

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Différentes barres protéinées FoodSpring
Each Foodspring protein bar is made primarily of protein.

Foodspring Protein Bar and Energy Bar

Foodspring Protein Bar

Athletes and nutrition-conscious individuals should always have a protein bar or energy bar on hand as a snack. Recognizing this, Foodspring has included energy bars and protein bars in its offering. They contain about 20 grams per serving. Each serving of an energy bar is made up of 20 grams of carbohydrates.

The energy bar also contains guarana and caffeine. The ingredients of this bar are all organically certified, whether nuts, guarana powder or pieces of fruit.

Similarly, the ingredients of the protein bar are certified 100% organic and 100% natural. The bar contains milk protein and whey protein from cows fed only with vegetables.

Mango flakes, strawberry pieces and chocolate chips provide the taste. The ingredients in the Foodspring protein bar are 100% organic, free of artificial additives and are of the highest quality.

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Foodspring Protein Cream / Protein Spread

Foodspring Protein Cream

Instead of sugar, this cream contains maltitol. It also contains a whey protein concentrate. This compound is metabolized very slowly and its digestion does not require insulin. With only 2.4 kcal per gram, it is less caloric than sugar. This cream spread also contains high quality cocoa butter, coconut oil and sunflower oil. It is flavoured with authentic cocoa powder and natural vanilla.

Creamier than Nutella, this cream is also easy to spread on bread. Its sugar content is very low and the natural vanilla aroma is clearly felt. It also has a very balanced nutty taste.

However, you should use this protein cream with caution. It contains a lot of fat. Its caloric composition is very close to that of Nutella. We have 519 kcals per 100 grams for the cream and 539 kcals per 100 grams for the Nutella.

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gamme FoodSpring
Delicious as a bread spread, Protein cream has an excellent taste.

Foodspring Protein Porridge / Porridge Protéiné

Foodspring Protein Muesli

Particularly tasty and easy to prepare, Foodspring porridge has gained in popularity. Four flavours are available: chocolate, wild berries, apple-cinnamon and vanilla. All varieties are certified organic.

Deoiled soybean semolina is the main ingredient of the porridge. It comes from organic farms in Germany. Soy flour, guar gum, chocolate, freeze-dried apple pieces, whole milk powder, cane sugar, oat flakes, strawberries and currants complete the porridge. It contains only 237 kcal per 60 grams, which is perfect for breakfast.

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Foodspring Muesli / Protein Muesli

Foodspring Protein Muesli

As for Foodspring muesli, Foodspring muesli consists of 27% soy flakes. Its sweet taste comes from real fruit and there is no sugar added. Foodspring muesli is certified organic and comes from a family farm on the shores of Lake Constance.

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Who are Foodspring products for?

Foodspring products are intended for people who practice competitive or intensive sports. Whether endurance or strength training, Foodspring offers food and nutritional supplements for all amateur and professional sportsmen and women.

In addition, the nutritional products offered help people who wish to modify their diet due to illness, difficult living conditions or the consumption of toxins, as is the case for heavy smokers. People who consume a lot of fast food can also benefit from the range of Foodspring products.

Where can I buy Foodspring products?

Foodspring is not only a brand of high quality food supplements and foods. You can find the entire range directly in the online store of the manufacturer. You can order any product without any restrictions.

But it is also possible to buy Foodspring products in retail stores. However, only a small selection is usually presented in the stores. Branded products are also available in pharmacies. Buying Foodspring supplements in pharmacies is a good idea, as you will be able to get advice in pharmacies.

What are the delivery times?

Foodspring delivers to Germany with DHL, Austria and Scandinavia (UPS) and Switzerland (DPD). For other countries of the European Union, delivery is provided by DHL. The delivery time is between two days and ten days. However, there is no express delivery.

You have the possibility to track shipments. As soon as the delivery process begins, the customer receives a shipping confirmation. Delivery within Germany is free of shipping costs if the order value is 30 euros or more. Shipping for other countries is 3.90 euros.

The customer can exercise his right of withdrawal within 14 to 16 days. Foodspring pays the return shipping costs.

FoodSpring, produits de haute qualité
All in all, Foodspring products are high quality sports food you won’t want to do without after the first use. They are used in many recipes.

Is it worth buying Foodspring products?

Packages are of course an option, but nothing prevents you from buying products separately, before you decide on a larger quantity. In our opinion, the most important advantage is the quality of the products offered.

Buying from the online store is, of course, very convenient. The products are ordered without leaving home and without wasting time and money like going to the store. When you decide to eat healthy food, it is best to devote your free time to what is most important for your health, namely physical activity.

Our opinion on Foodspring

Whether you want to lose weight through sport, build muscle or just get in shape, Foodspring has exactly what you need. We were not only convinced by our own test, but also by the many testimonials about this brand.

Instead of cheap and poorly produced mass products, Foodspring produces high-quality products that consist exclusively of healthy ingredients of the highest quality? Moreover, these products are presented in sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging.

The price is also convincing. The costs are reasonable and Foodspring vouchers can help you save up to 10% of the product price. Our opinion is positive in all areas and we recommend the products of this brand. In addition, vegans and people with lactose intolerance get their money’s worth, which is not the case with many competitors.

Upon delivery, you will receive a personalized cover letter with a fitness guide and delicious recipes, which also contains a new personalized 10% voucher for the next purchase. Very happy. Super 5 out of 5 points!