All you need to know about GH Balance (purchase, price, advice, dosage …)

Many people are looking for all possible ways to have a beautiful figure. Some spend their time in gyms, others adopt strict diets. There are also those who prefer pills to lose fat and gain muscle mass. Among products in this category, GH balance is particularly interesting.

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In this article you will see everything about this pill: its characteristics, the effects it has and some opinions of people who have tried it.

Presentation of GH Balance

Bouteille de GH Balance

This product also contains a nutritional supplement called Tribulus Terristris, a plant compound that stimulates the production of testosterone. Testosterone also contributes to the development of muscle mass. The third component is caffeine.

All these substances have a positive effect on the body and have been certified.

GH balance is available as 24 g capsules in plastic boxes. It is a mixture of growth hormone and hormone stimulant. Its main ingredient is GH – Factor 7 (a sub-licensed ingredient) which is responsible for bone and muscle growth in humans.

Its effectiveness

GH Balance is an effective product to gain muscle. The effects are visible after one month of use. Since it is a dietary supplement, its role is to strengthen the muscle building mechanism.

The natural growth hormone contained in this pill promotes the multiplication of muscle tissue. Since the other components stimulate the production of testosterone, GH Balance inevitably boosts male libido.

GH Balance
GH Balance is an anabolic agent containing a growth hormone to maximize muscle development.

In all cases, this product is formulated to quickly burn fat by transforming it into energy. Consuming it before training optimizes your power, allowing you to perform an intensive and prolonged workout.

Mode of action of GH Balance

Most people who have used this pill report impeccable results after taking it daily over a long period of time.

GH or growth hormone

As its name suggests, GH Balance contains what is also called growth hormone, specifically GH Factor 7. It is a hormone naturally present in the human body that participates in growth, especially during childhood.

From the age of 23 years, its rate decreases gradually. It is at this time that calories are easily transformed into fat.

By providing GH or growth hormone, the human body will be able to produce more muscle. Indeed, muscles are equipped with GH receptors. In the presence of GH, muscle tissue will multiply. This is called muscle hyperplasia.

The Teristris trebulus

Trebulus Teristris promotes the secretion of testosterone. It is also a hormone responsible for muscle development in men. Note that it is also present in women, but at a dose 20 times lower.

Testosterone is present naturally in men and its level decreases gradually from the age of 30 years. In the absence of this hormone, the body has difficulty synthesizing proteins beneficial to muscle mass.

By increasing the level of testosterone, there is an increase in physical performance accompanied by muscle development. It should be noted that this hormone promotes muscle hypertrophy, i.e. it thickens muscle fibers.

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Caffeine is a powerful molecule that promotes physical performance. It stimulates the central nervous system as well as muscles.

This component reduces fatigue by promoting the production of adrenaline and blocking the production of adenosine. In addition to this, it promotes the use of fat as an energy source and then affects it in the construction of muscle tissue.

Who is the product intended for?

This product has been specially developed for men over the age of 18, since this is when the body begins to decrease the production of growth hormones. Nevertheless, if you are allergic to any of the components of the pill, we do not recommend that you take it. After a few surveys, it is mainly men in their twenties and forties who buy GH Balance.

GH Balance
GH Balance is aimed at people over 18 years of age.

Young men in their twenties use it to improve their physical condition, because youth is synonymous with energy;
On the other hand, men in their forties and older often use the product because of sexual problems. Many report maximum results after treatment: no more fatigue or breaks during sex. They feel young without any effort.

Dosage and instructions for use


First, it is very important to know the weight of each of the main components of the pill:

  • GH factor 7: 350 mg;
  • Tribulus Terristis: 300 mg;
  • Caffeine: 50 mg.

In order to observe satisfactory effects, the dosage must be respected.

For individuals who practice sports intensively, a dosage of 4 to 6 IU is recommended. It is important to understand that 1 mg is equivalent to 3 IU. For mature men, a low dosage of 2 IU is recommended. To boost weight loss, it is preferable to consume more than 8 IU, i.e. 2.6 mg.

Directions for use

GH Balance is taken orally. Manufacturers recommend taking two pills a day: the first before breakfast and the second before dinner.

It is especially important to avoid taking a dose in the evening, as you may have difficulty falling asleep because of the caffeine.

How long you take it depends on your needs. You can continue to take it until you get the result you want.

It is perfectly possible to consume it while exercising. Of course, you should continue training afterwards, because if you stop suddenly, fat will form.

The improvements observed depend on the metabolism of each individual. In any case, it is important to know that the composition of GH is completely natural.

Additional advice

Here are our advices so that you can take full advantage of the effects of your food supplement.

  • If you follow a regular training cycle, it is best to consume it a few minutes before exercise ;
  • When you take the pill, do it with lukewarm water to let it disperse throughout the body ;
  • The product does not provide miraculous effects after consumption. When you start the treatment, continue until the end without giving up, because a sudden stop increases your fat level;
  • You must stay away from alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

The results

The results of the treatment are dose-dependent and can be seen at different levels:

  • The result on fat: after one month of consumption, your body loses on average between 2 and 6 kg of fatty tissue. This mainly concerns abdominal fat. After 2 years of treatment, the result is maintained;
  • The result on muscle growth: by reducing fat mass, the development of muscle mass is promoted. The volume of the muscles increases by 6% equivalent to 2.4 kg ;
  • The result on the physique: your performance is higher and you are more resistant to effort. In addition, it stabilizes your heart rate. In short, you have a better quality of life ;
  • The result on protein metabolism: the GH Balance treatment increases your rate of protein synthesis to facilitate the growth of muscle mass.
GH Balance
GH Balance allows you to lose fat and gain muscle mass at the same time.

Drug Interactions

Precautions for use

  • It is not advisable to take other drugs containing growth hormones to avoid overdose which can cause various health problems;
  • In addition to treatment, exercise daily and eat a healthy diet;
  • Since GH Balance is composed of tribulus, do not eat foods containing it, as it has a negative effect on sexual functions ;
  • If you take it before sleeping, your sleep may be disturbed.

Follow-up during treatment

Taking hormone-based pills requires medical supervision. Before, during and after the treatment, the intervention of a doctor is strongly recommended. The practitioner will in particular monitor the physical evolution of the consumer.

It is also important to know the level of hormone generated so that the effects are positive and not harmful to your health.

Adverse effects

GH Balance does not present any particular side effect if the treatment is well followed. As long as the body develops properly, everything is fine!

Be sure to strictly adhere to the dose recommended by your doctor and make sure not to exceed it to avoid side effects.

Overall, the pill is well tolerated by the body because it is composed of natural substances.

Purchase, price and delivery

Today, the product is not available in pharmacies. If you want to buy it, it is available only from the manufacturer. Various promotional offers are available throughout the year.

Its price, which is only around 50 euros (which can drop by 25% or more during promotional periods) is reasonable, given its quality and the effects it guarantees to consumers.

Generally speaking, the product is delivered within a maximum of 2 days after the order.

Global opinion on the GH Balance

The opinions of professionals

In the opinion of professionals, GH Balance is one of the most purchased and effective hormone pills on the market. Nutrition experts praise this product because of its natural composition.

Moreover, its action on fat burning and muscle growth should make it the best product in its category. Men could consume it safely without fear of adverse health effects.

It is useless to follow a diet and this complement brings you a result in a few weeks, even a few days.

GH Balance
The majority of users confirm the effectiveness of GH Balance.

Opinions of simple users

The opinions of the customers who bought GH Balance are generally positive, although there are also some reviews. Several men testify to the positive effect the product has had on their daily lives. After only 10 to 15 days, they have noticed a change in their figure. Its effect after 90 days of consumption is remarkable. It gives the impression that you spend all your time in the gym. Men certify having achieved in one month everything they could not have accomplished in several years.


Bouteille de GH Balance

GH Balance is distinguished by its natural composition and the interesting effects of its ingredients. This ideal product even boasts of optimizing muscle mass gain without having to do a lot of exercises. Nevertheless, it is still important to continue regular training to maintain the body. GH Balance should be considered above all as a complement to muscle-building exercises, allowing you to consolidate the effects of the latter.

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