Our full review of Mass Extreme

People who wish to develop their muscles efficiently must take food supplements if they want to obtain convincing results quickly.

The concern lies in the fact that there is too wide a variety of dietary supplements, most of which have a bad reputation among consumers, containing too many synthetic steroids that negatively influence the body.

A hesitation therefore haunts bodybuilders as to the choice of the right dietary supplement. This is why we have decided to present you Mass Extreme, a product reputed to be natural, without side effects and effective. We will provide you with all the information concerning it as well as various opinions, including our own, on its overall effectiveness.

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What is Mass Extreme?

The product Mass Extreme is a food supplement in the form of capsules to be swallowed. It is essentially composed of micronutrients that will play a major role in the gain in muscle mass. Contrary to traditional supplements, it contains neither carbohydrates nor proteins.

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Mass Extreme is a dietary supplement for bodybuilders.

Thus, Mass Extreme will not attack the body by injecting sometimes excessive proportions of protein, but these nutrients will tone muscle synthesis so that the body can keep up with the intense pace of training.

Mass Extreme is composed solely of organic ingredients obtained using plants. As a result, it contains no trace of anabolic steroids, which can be a nightmare for many athletes, especially beginners.

Many physical and athletic changes will take place shortly after starting to take Mass Extreme. For example, you will notice a marked growth in your muscle mass with well-designed and toned muscles. Your endurance and stamina will also be boosted, which will help you train harder and longer for even better results.

This food supplement also stimulates the production of testosterone which is essential to increase your muscle volume. Moreover, you will be more concentrated during the trainings.

How does it work?

Before continuing our opinion on this product, let’s take a look at how it works. The consumption of the food supplement Mass Extreme will allow the metabolism to function optimally by combining your intense training with the intake of essential nutrients for volume gain.

It is not proven that a large meal rich in carbohydrates and proteins is sufficient to obtain an adequate volume of muscles when associated with high intensity training sessions. Indeed, an additional intake of certain micronutrients is essential to obtain convincing results and avoid that the athlete does not stagnate too early (he no longer sees any change whatever the training). In addition, the production of hormone must be optimal so that the metabolism can synthesize proteins properly in muscles.

It is with these concerns in mind that Mass Extreme was designed. Its special formula containing various active ingredients from plants will allow you to obtain the micronutrient intake perfectly adapted to your needs and achieve better results.

Its micronutrients will not only stimulate the increase of your muscular volume by boosting protein synthesis and optimizing the production of testosterone, but also to increase your overall performance such as your endurance and resistance to effort.

What ingredients are found in Mass Extreme?

The food supplement Mass Extreme is made exclusively with natural ingredients, without any chemical agents. Taking the best from plants, its ingredients are generally used in various other products for their benefits on the body.

Among its main components, you can find, for example, Fenugreek extract. It stimulates the synthesis of glycogen through muscle tissue and boosts the accumulation of new cells to increase muscle volume.

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Mass Extreme is made of plant extracts.

Maca root extract is also present in this food supplement. It increases overall performance.

Then, the y-aminobutyric acid boosts the natural production of growth hormones, which makes it possible to burn fat more efficiently and to obtain more energy to be spent during training sessions.

The fourth ingredient is aspartic acid. It is an amino acid that has a major influence on the production of testosterone, a hormone that is essential for the transformation of proteins into muscles.

Phosphatic acid is the fifth important ingredient you can find in Mass Extreme. It optimizes the stimulation of muscle cells to increase their volume.

Finally, vitamin B12 is the last essential element that makes up this food supplement. It is a powerful ingredient that activates muscle growth during physical activity.

Globally, a capsule of this food supplement is enough to bring more than 40 % of the daily needs in a physically active person in micronutrients. A healthy and balanced diet will make up for the rest.

From the point of view of its ingredients, Mass Extreme proves to be particularly effective and it is the base of the success of a food supplement.

Is its consumption really safe? What about blurred areas?

There are many dietary supplements that have been withdrawn from the market and banned from sale due to this question and the polemics generated. Thus, it is to this question that we are going to submit Mass Extreme and see if this product is as harmless as it claims to be.

Firstly, Mass Extreme can be consumed cleanly without contraindications. Given that its components are entirely natural and extracted from plants, the vast majority of sportsmen and women can consume it in all serenity without fear of any notable undesirable effects.

This food complement also showed many tests in laboratories as well as clinical trials. Moreover, it is the fruit of work of several emeritus researchers. The only fact that it is very appreciated by athletes around the world makes it a product of confidence.

Receive up to 3 bottles of Mass Extreme for free

How to consume Mass Extreme?

Mass Extreme is presented in the form of capsules to be swallowed to be handled easily. The brand has deliberately abandoned the powdery form typical of the classic food supplements we are used to buying to favor an extremely precise dosage.

Concerning this point, it is preferable to take 2 capsules per day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. Each dose should be taken at least 30 minutes before each meal so that the active ingredients have time to act.

The first results are generally visible after 8 weeks of treatment. You will notice a clear increase in muscle volume and a clear muscle outline.

You can continue the treatment over a long period of time to prolong muscle growth.

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It is advised to consume two capsules of Mass Extreme per day.

Advantages and disadvantages of its use

There are many advantages to using Mass Extreme, but there are also some disadvantages that do not tarnish its reputation in any way. Here are its strengths and weaknesses.


Firstly, this food supplement allows a considerable increase in muscle mass and the results are visible from the first weeks of consumption. Your silhouette will lose fat and swell in muscles quickly.

Secondly, it confers a higher physical strength, allowing you to lift more weight for a more intense workout and more convincing results.

Third, it increases endurance so you can extend your workouts. You won’t even feel that extended duration, but you’ll gain more from your efforts.

Fourth, the fact that it is 100% natural makes it a perfect fit for any athlete and has few, if any, side effects.

Finally, its packaging in the form of capsules makes it easily transportable. So you can take it with you so that you don’t forget to take it regularly.


To be frank, it is really difficult to find defects in this product. Contrary to the majority of food supplements, it perfectly meets the requirements and expectations of athletes. The only real drawback is that it takes a little time to produce effects.

This is due to the fact that other products are full of proteins and chemical agents making protein assimilation more accelerated, but what are the prices to pay?

Does Mass Extreme have any side effects? What are the risks?

Mass Extreme is made entirely from natural ingredients. This greatly reduces the risk for consumers to develop noticeable side effects. To date, no one using this dietary supplement has given any signals about possible side effect.

However, it is known that the majority of compounds that promote the production of testosterone cause hair loss and baldness in the long or medium term. This is due to the presence of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which promotes this phenomenon. In fact, have you ever wondered why bodybuilder athletes often opt for a short haircut or shave their heads completely?

When you buy your Mass Extreme dietary supplement, make sure you buy it only from safe stores to avoid counterfeits that could lead to severe consequences on your health because of the unknown ingredients they contain.

Before starting your treatment with Mass Extreme, it is best to tell your doctor. Indeed, he alone is best placed to know your state of health and your possible intolerances to natural components, which may cause allergies. In addition, if you are following any kind of drug treatment, he will identify the risks of interactions between the supplement and drugs.

Finally, avoid exceeding the prescribed daily dose to avoid an overdose.

Opinion on Mass Extreme, is it really effective?

Expert opinion

According to the experts, Mass Extreme is THE food supplement to consume for concrete results without side effects. Thanks to this product, you can train freely and serenely hope to see the fruits of your efforts.

With visible results after two months, you can’t hope for faster results from a 100% natural product. A well-thought-out formula and an ultra-precise dosage help you in the best possible way to achieve your goals.

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Mass Extreme is an ideal food supplement to gain muscle naturally.

What users say about Mass Extreme

Mass Extreme now has millions of users worldwide. This dietary supplement scores highly on the overall satisfaction index (91%), proving that consumers are more than satisfied with the product.

The authenticity and effectiveness of Mass Extreme are points where it earns valuable points and the many sportsmen and women praise it. Some even think that it is the safest and most effective food supplement that has ever existed.

Of course, some are less patient and expect a miracle method that provides results after only a few days of use. Obviously, they are disappointed with the product and find it ineffective.

Our overall opinion on the product

Our opinion of Mass Extreme is excellent. The only fact that it is a product made entirely from natural ingredients is a very good point on our part.

In addition to the effectiveness proven by laboratory tests and the positive feedback from millions of users, we can only admire the success of this product.

From now on, weight training in all serenity is possible without having to fear the quality and mystery ingredients that are hidden in the usual food supplements.

That’s not all: Mas Extreme’s selling price is very affordable, which makes it competitive, not to mention the various promotional offers that the brand regularly offers to its customers as well as the 90-day “satisfied or your money back” guarantee. This last point is a true testament to the confidence manufacturers have in their product. Still, make price comparisons to buy the cheapest one.

The only real downside is its relatively low vasodilation property, which is essential for optimal transport of nutrients to the muscles through the blood vessels. Nevertheless, Mass Extreme remains effective in its ability to increase testosterone levels.

Last but not least, Mass Extreme can very well be combined with the other food supplements that you usually use, but we strongly doubt that you will need to use others once you have learned about the real capabilities of this product.

In the end, we recommend that you purchase this product for your weight training goals.

Receive up to 3 bottles of Mass Extreme for free