All you need to know about RAD 140 (purchase, price, advice, dosage…)

The RAD 140 is one of the SARM or selective androgen receptor modulators. It is a powerful and dangerous new drug that some athletes use to gain energy and muscle mass. It is still in the experimentation phase and its marketing is prohibited in France.

In order to obtain the same beneficial effects without running risks, choose a Crazy Bulk brand product. I have prepared for you a complete article on RAD 140. You will find its specificities, my opinion, as well as a few words on the legal alternatives.

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The RAD 140: description, form and composition

RAD 140, also known as Testolone, is intended to replace TRT or Exogenous Testosterone Replacement Therapy. This decision will only be effective if the clinical trials on it yield satisfactory results. The study on this new drug has so far only been able to show its effectiveness in muscle and skeletal wasting.

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The RAD 140 is an anabolic agent in trial phase.

At this stage, the side effects of RAD 140 appear to outweigh its beneficial effects. It remains in the investigational MRSA category until its safety is proven and its sale is still illegal.

Nevertheless, many strength and endurance sports enthusiasts are already venturing into the use of this drug. They use it to gain a little more energy and muscle. Most of them start using Testolone powder, the raw materials of the drug, exposing their bodies to all the expected and unexpected risks.

For its pharmaceutical form, RAD 140 is usually presented in capsules of 5 mg or 10 mg and a bottle may contain 60 or 100 capsules. I suggest that you remain vigilant, some drugs include this unauthorized product in their composition.

What is the dosage of RAD 140?

As MRSA, RAD 140 is believed to activate hormone receptors once introduced into the body. It would still be impossible to know the harmful effects of Testolone with a short or prolonged course of treatment.

It would also be too early to draw a conclusion on the low probability of health hazards in a given subject. The FDR 140 package inserts recommend a dosage of 20 to 30 mg of this MRSA every 24 to 36 hours. This drug has an anabolic effect on the muscle with 8 to 12 weeks of treatment.

What are the likely dangers of RAD 140?

  • Negative impact on the prostate, but moderate compared to androgenic drugs ;
  • Risk of high blood pressure;
  • Increased risk of heart attack ;
  • Risk of left ventricular hypertrophy ;
  • Negative impact on virilization ;
  • Risk of infertility;
  • Gynecomastia ;
  • Abnormal hair growth ;
  • Hair loss and risk of baldness ;
  • Visual disturbances;
  • Sleep disorders and insomnia ;
  • Frequent headaches;
  • Disorders in testosterone production;
  • Risk of excessive sexual desire;
  • Behavioral problems;
  • Increased appetite and thirst;
  • Liver toxicity ;
  • Increase in LDL cholesterol levels.

Where to buy RAD 140 and at what price?

The production, sale and consumption of RAD 140 are prohibited in France and in most European countries. It is then impossible to buy it from online or physical pharmacies. Many sites sell it illegally and offer to deliver it, the price is set at the seller’s discretion.

A box of 100 capsules of 5 mg can be bought for about 100 € and the same product can be cheaper on another site. In any case, I advise you to abstain from this product, nothing is yet sure about its action and its positive and negative effects on the body.

My opinion on RAD 140

My opinion on RAD 140 is mixed, although it is not steroidal. As it is a product under study, I would not recommend it to athletes.

Tout savoir sur le RAD 140
Substance being tested, it is not recommended to consume RAD 140.

However, I recognize that this drug would be slightly less dangerous than anabolic steroids. People with low testosterone levels may also benefit from it, but I always suggest waiting until the end of the clinical trials to find out the extent of its effects, both desirable and undesirable.

How RAD 140 works in the body may also be of interest with the receptors that respond to it. However, if it is possible to achieve similar results to this MRSA without impacting health, it would be a good option. This solution is possible with the Testo-Max food supplement from Crazy Bulk. This substitute is available over the counter on the official website of the brand. You order on line, for a delivery as soon as possible.

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