Taurine & Strength Training: Dangers, Side Effects & Myths

Weight training is a practice that demands a lot from the body. Depending on the objectives sought and abilities, some athletes choose to turn to food supplements. Amino acids are particularly beneficial for the body and taurine is one of them. For strength sports enthusiasts, this molecule helps prolong the effort while avoiding fatigue. However, over-consumption should be avoided. To learn more, I invite you to discover all the information you need to know about taurine in the world of bodybuilding.

Taurine, what is it?

Taurine, also called 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid, is an amino acid with a sulfur structure. German researchers discovered it in the bile of bulls in 1827, hence its name. It is also present in several animals and in the human body. The body synthesizes it in order to burn unnecessary fats to transform them into energy.

Taurine et musculation-2
Taurine is an amino acid produced naturally by the body.

I would like to emphasize that we should not focus on the “stimulating” aspect of taurine although it is present in some energy drinks. Moreover, it does not act directly on the sympathetic nervous system like caffeine for example.

It is rather a neurotransmitting bile acid that acts on the muscles, including the heart. It does, however, have the ability to prolong the effects of a stimulating substance. It is this aspect that is at the origin of the confusion with an energizer.

Is taurine consumption safe?

Taurine in itself is not dangerous for the body. It is even present in large quantities in certain foods, including beef and chicken meat, certain seafood such as oysters and clams, eggs, beans, nuts, beets, etc.

Since taurine is a non-essential amino acid, i.e. produced by the body, you are not obliged to introduce it into your diet. However, the daily requirement is estimated to be about 100 mg per day.

When used in bodybuilding, taurine does not produce the effect it does with this daily dose alone. This is the reason why some athletes get into the habit of drinking several cans of energy drink a day. One can brings about 1000 mg of taurine. This is 10 times more than the recommended daily intake, but it is still not enough to achieve a powerful effect.

Athletes who take it are then exposed to the risk of overdose. The danger would be primarily linked to the excessive consumption of the stimulating substance present in the drink. Taurine ingested in large quantities can also harm your body by producing an oxidizing effect.

To avoid this, I simply recommend energy drinks. Instead, take an immediate energy-boosting medication and strictly adhere to the recommended daily dose. This is the only way to have control over your taurine needs without running risks.

Taurine et musculation
Excessive consumption of taurine is not recommended.

Does this molecule have benefits for the body?

Contrary to popular belief about taurine, this molecule has many benefits for the body. It improves physiological processes and acts as a neurotransmitter. Among its proven benefits, i.e. those that have been proven by scientific studies, I can cite the following:

  • Facilitates the burning of lipids, reducing fat mass and strengthening muscle mass ;
  • Prevents muscle degeneration, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis;
  • Fights against muscle cramps in people with chronic liver disease;
  • Involvement in glucose homeostasis, preventing diabetes;
  • Anti-convulsant effect;
  • Role in neurotransmission, guaranteeing the formation of memory and the development of the central nervous system;
  • Eliminates free radicals that degrade cell membranes, helping to prevent skin aging;
  • Maintains the right balance of cellular calcium concentration;
  • Eliminates toxins from the body;
  • Improves cardiac function;
  • Improves kidney function;
  • Decreases fatigue;
  • Positive impact on aches and pains.

Some of the benefits of taurine, which have not been tested by a series of experiments, are often mentioned by users. I will share some of them with you:

  • Limits cortisol production;
  • Anti-stress effect;
  • Improves vision;
  • Good concentration;
  • Beneficial effect against insomnia.

What are the effects of taurine on bodybuilding?

The beneficial effects of taurine for bodybuilding enthusiasts are very real. This substance improves the physical performances and reduces considerably the tiredness related to the effort. By consuming enough taurine without falling into excess, you will gain in endurance. It is then a particularly interesting option to carry out your bodybuilding program.

How can its benefits be explained for bodybuilding practitioners? On the one hand, this amino acid boosts blood flow to the muscle cells.

At the same time, nitric oxide multiplies abundantly. This facilitates the absorption of a large quantity of nutrients into the muscle masses. It is in this sense that the effects of taurine considerably improve your physical performance.

On the other hand, taurine contributes to the water supply in the muscle cells, thanks to its osmotic nature. This amino acid then guarantees the good hydration of these cells. This improves the process of synthesis of protein substances in the body.

In addition, taurine retains and participates in the development of calcium in the cells. Thanks to this calcium, it plays a role in the consolidation of muscle contractions, but also those of the heart. This element has everything to seduce bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Taurine et musculation
Taurine improves physical performance and reduces fatigue.

My opinion on the use of taurine in weight training

As a weight training professional, I am opposed to the consumption of energy drinks containing taurine. These drinks don’t really allow you to take advantage of the benefits of this molecule.

Knowing that you need at least 3 cans to get 3 g of taurine, you will be exposed to the excess sugar and the effects of the stimulant. To exploit this substance in musculation, it is more judicious to take a drug or a food complement which contains some. The opinion of a professional of the remaining obviously impossible to circumvent.

I advise you, moreover, to take some before doing your exercises. Indeed, you will feel less tired and you may be tempted to surpass your limits. You could then make too intense efforts without realizing it. All of your muscles will be subjected to a sustained rhythm and your heart will also be subjected to it, which is very dangerous.

Ideally, you should take your medication after the effort, that is, after high-intensity or high-endurance training. In this case, taurine contributes to a good muscular recovery, a step that should never be neglected in weight training.

During post-training, the effect of the nutritional supplement helps your body to resume its normal functioning. You will easily return to your regular heart rate. Your body receives nutrients from your diet more easily and eliminates toxins more naturally.

In any case, taurine causes sedative effects after the effort. It ensures a good transition between the state of action where energy is used and the recovery phase where muscle tissue is built up. I also suggest that you get a good night’s sleep after a day of training or a day of recovery.

What would be the side effects of taurine?

If you are in good health, you will not be exposed to any danger, even if you consume up to 5 g per day. On the other hand, if you have a health problem, such as thyroid problems, heart failure or risk of seizures, taurine is not recommended.

In rare cases, this dietary supplement may cause side effects such as neurological hyperexcitability. In any case, I always recommend that you consult a doctor before starting your treatment. This is the only way to ensure that taurine will not harm your health.

Taurine et musculation
Excess taurine can cause neurological hyperexcitability.

Are there any contraindications to taurine?

Although taurine is a product without serious side effects, it is not suitable for certain people. In addition to the illnesses mentioned above, here are the situations contraindicated to the dietary supplement containing this sulfur amino acid:

  • Treatment of children ;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Breastfeeding;
  • Hypotensive people;
  • People having a cardiovascular problem.

What is the recommended dose of taurine?

According to health experts, the maximum safe dose is 1 g to 2 g per day. This dose is suitable for many athletes whose effort would be at low intensity. In weight training, at least 3 g per day is needed to take advantage of the benefits of the drug at the muscular level.

It also depends on the physical conditions of each practitioner. A bodybuilder of more than 70 kg would support for example up to 6 g per day. It is not yet a question of excessive consumption if you stay in the optimal dosage of 0.1 to 0.5 g/kg/day.

To benefit from the antitoxic properties of taurine, you should take 3 to 5 g per day. This is the dose necessary to improve cardiac function or to ensure the best absorption of nutrients from the muscle masses.

Is it interesting to combine taurine with other elements?

I find the association of taurine with creatine interesting. These two molecules have complementary actions on the level of the muscles. Taurine ensures the arrival of water at the level of the muscle cells and creatine facilitates the passage.

These two elements are used to perfect muscle development during weight gain. A 2-in-1 product would be ideal, but it is possible to consume them separately.

I recommend that you take into account your needs and desired effects to combine taurine with other elements. For example, if you want to remedy a long-lasting feeling of tiredness, combine your taurine with vitamin C. If you want to reduce or even avoid stress, take it with vitamin B6 or magnesium.

The combination of taurine with other minerals or plants such as guarana, spirulina, wheatgrass or acerola is common. In any case, it is always best to stick to your doctor’s prescription.

What are the different forms of taurine available on the market?

Taurine supplements are generally available in the form of capsules, effervescent tablets, drinkable ampoules or powder for oral ingestion. The price depends on the product in question and the seller. If you buy online, it is possible to have enough taurine for a 30-day treatment for less than €10.

Taurine Power from Forté Pharma is a product that is appreciated for its effects on physical and intellectual performance. Its citrus taste also makes a little more. It is marketed in a box of 30 effervescent tablets intended for a treatment of 1 month. Without undesirable effect, Taurine Power helps you to feel better with its formula composed of taurine, caffeine and vitamin C.

Taurine et musculation
Taurine Power by Forté Pharma.
Forté Pharma - Taurine Power | Booster d'Énergie - Complément Alimentaire | Caféine - Vitamine C - L-Carnitine - Anti fatigue, Coup de boost | 30 comprimés effervescents - Goût Agrumes
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  • 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ FORMULE ENERGISANTE COMPLÈTE : Taurine Power contient un mélange d'actifs tels que la Taurine, la L-Carnitine, la Vitamine C, le Magnésium et des vitamines du groupe B. Cette formule est renforcée en caféine.
  • 🍊 TRÈS BON GOUT : Taurine Power Effervescent est au bon goût agrumes. Sans gélatine
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To increase physical performance while avoiding fatigue and aches and pains, GMAX Taurine + is a nutritional supplement presented in the form of 30 phials of 1 g each. Its formula includes ginseng and guarana in addition to taurine and caffeine. It takes one ampoule per day to enjoy its benefits.

Taurine et musculation
Gmax Taurine +
GMAX-TAURINE+ - PERFORMANCES PHYSIQUES ET VIGILANCE - Concentré d'énergie - Ginseng, Caféine, Vitamine B6, Taurine, Guarana, Gingembre, Gelée Royale - 10 jours - 30 ampoules buvables - Goût orange
  • BOOSTER D'ÉNERGIE : GMAX-TAURINE recharge votre énergie et favorise un retour immédiat et durable de votre dynamisme et de votre tonus en périodes de fatigue intense
  • TRIPLE ACTION : GMAX-TAURINE est un complément alimentaire avec édulcorant qui augmente les performances physiques(1), la vigilance(2) et qui aide à réduire la fatigue(3)
  • COMPLEXE D'ACTIFS INNOVANTS : Ginseng(1), Caféine(2), Vitamine B6(3), Taurine, Guarana, Gingembre et de la Gelée Royale, congelée pendant le transport pour préserver ses qualités nutritionnelles
  • VERTUS DE LA TAURINE : elle augmente les performances physiques et mentales, a une action relaxante sur les muscles ainsi que des effets détoxifiants et antioxydants
  • FACILE À PRENDRE : - Phase dâ€attaque : 4 ampoules le matin pendant 5 jours, diluées dans un verre dâ€eau. - Phase dâ€entretien : 2 ampoules le matin pendant 5 jours, diluées dans un verre dâ€eau


A nutritional supplement based on taurine is interesting for bodybuilding practitioners. It begins to take effect about half an hour after taking it. This type of product gives its benefits to muscle cells to boost your physical performance. And I can’t say it enough: it is highly recommended to have a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.