Tren (Trenbolone) VS Anavar

Tren (Trenbolone) and Anavar are anabolic steroids whose main role is to promote weight gain that sometimes goes beyond the natural. These products also have additional properties of their own that optimize their actions. Their major difference lies in their side effects. I suggest you discover a VS of these two substances as well as the options available to you to achieve the same objectives.

The composition

Tren was originally used as a growth hormone in cattle breeding. But athletes later discovered its beneficial effects on muscle development. That’s how they started to adopt this Trenbolone-based substance.

Tren vs anavar
Tren and Anavar are popular steroids in the bodybuilding world.

Anavar, on the other hand, was mainly dedicated to the fight against uncontrolled weight loss, alcoholic hepatitis or blood anemia. Athletes then began to use it to boost their energy and promote muscle mass gain. The creation of this Oxandrolone-based steroid dates back to the early 1960s

Tren VS Anavar: the effects

Acceleration of muscle mass gain

One of the greatest commonalities between these two substances is that they promote nitrogen retention. A positive nitrogen balance also optimizes the synthesis of proteins, which are necessary for the formation of muscle tissue. This is how muscles develop faster when taking Tren or Anavar.

Limiting muscle damage

A positive nitrogen balance is also essential to prevent your newly formed muscles from deteriorating over time. In other words, it helps to maintain athletic fitness throughout the cure. Both products would be more beneficial during the dry season. Users prefer Anavar, which would present fewer health risks compared to Tren.

Increase in endurance

The Tren’s performance is greater than Anavar’s in terms of energy booster function. However, both promote an increase in endurance and physical capacity. It is then possible to intensify or extend training sessions to achieve better results in the shortest possible time.

Additional effects of Tren

  • Improving the extraction, assimilation and use of nutrients: the nutrients contained in the food you eat are used to optimize muscle development;
  • Activation of the secretion of the hormone IGF-1: this is a growth hormone also known as growth factor 1. It actively participates in the growth of cells in the body ;
  • Limiting the production of cortisol and catecholamines: these are “stress” hormones that are essential for the correct functioning of the body, but whose excess is harmful to your bodybuilding programs.

Additional positive effects of Anavar

  • Increased bone density: the athlete who takes Anavar is therefore less exposed to the risk of fractures or bone diseases;
  • Limitation of glucocorticoid production: it is also a hormone related to stress. It promotes the accumulation of fat mass in the body;
  • Fat burning effect: Combined with the ability to retain nitrogen, this also makes Anavar a better ally during dry periods compared to Tren.

Tren VS Anavar: Side effects

These substances have several common side effects. However, I would like to point out that Anavar is significantly milder than Tren. In addition, the risks are only really serious if a high dose is ingested.


Hepatotoxicity is a common side effect of all anabolic steroids, although the risks for Anavar are lower. Damage to the liver can lead to a number of conditions of varying degrees of severity, such as liver failure or injury.

Increased levels of bad cholesterol in the blood

Increased LDL cholesterol is also common with most anabolic steroids. This destabilization can lead to long-term blockage of blood vessels. This could put you at risk for stroke or other diseases.

Tren vs Anavar
Both Tren and Anavar present health hazards.

Virilization in women

Trenbolone is much more androgenic than testosterone. This is the reason why Tren causes significant virilization in women. This results in the growth of facial hair, an increase in clitoral size, a decrease in breast swelling, or a worsening of the duct. However, I would like to point out that Anavar can also produce these effects in high doses.

Other side effects of Anavar

  • Digestive disorders ;
  • Headaches;
  • Hair loss;
  • Worsening heart disease;
  • Sleep disturbance;
  • Hot flashes.

Other side effects of Tren

  • Heart disease ;
  • Inability to produce testosterone naturally when treatment is stopped: a relaunch is therefore necessary;
  • Gynecomastia;
  • Insomnia;
  • Hot flashes.

Illegal substances, prohibited in France

Although Anavar is available under medical prescription in some countries, I confirm that the two substances that are the subject of this comparison are prohibited in France and in several European Union states. I also recommend that you look for legal and healthy alternatives. Trenorol for Tren and Anvarol for Anavar would be among the best according to users’ opinions.

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Tren VS Anavar: match summary table

Common pointsTrenAnavar
EffectsAcceleration of the weight gain ;
Limiting muscle deterioration ;
Increase in endurance.
Improved nutrient utilization ;
Activation of growth hormone production;
Limitation of cortisol and catecholamine production.
Fat burner effect ;
Increase in bone density ;
Limitation of glucocorticoid production.
Undesirable effectsHepatotoxicity ;
Increase in bad cholesterol;
Virilization ; Insomnia ;
Hot flashes.
Heart disease ;
Inability to produce testosterone naturally when treatment is stopped;
Digestive disorders ;
Hair loss;
Aggravation of heart disease.
Legal AlternativesTrenorolAnvarol