Tren (Trenbolone) VS Nandrolone

The anabolics most used by bodybuilding practitioners are also the most dangerous for health. Behind their great and fast results, there are a whole bunch of binding effects that you need to know about. In this article, I let you discover a VS between Trenbolone and Nandrolone.

The composition

Both Trenbolone and Nandrolone are animal hormone substitutes suitable for human use. For Tren, this hormone is Trenbolon, the active ingredient of the drug itself. It is shaped into acetate, parabolan and enanthal.

Tren VS Nandrolone
Tren and Nandrolone are testosterone-type anabolic steroids.

Nandrolone contains mainly 19-nor-testosterone. It is a hormone present in large quantities in boars, more precisely in the testicle of the boar when it is not castrated.

Tren VS Nandrolone: expected effects

The common points

Strength and endurance sports require a good dose of energy and perseverance. Trenbolone and Nandrolone are just for that. They help to become stronger and improve sports performance. They reduce fatigue and prolong the effort.

These two anabolics are also very effective in eliminating fat mass and preserving lean muscle. They contribute to a well-designed musculature.

The differences

Trenbolone is more involved in muscle oxygenation than Nandrolone. The latter intensifies the production of red blood cells. It also recovers proteins lost during exercise by intervening massively in the extraction of nutrients. The point that differentiates it from Nandrolone is that it is a little slower in muscle growth.

For Nandrolone, the anabolic and androgenic effects are more visible and it is more powerful than Trenbolone. It allows a better shortening of the recovery phase during high intensity training.

As a synthesized hormone with therapeutic virtues, this medication can be prescribed to patients suffering from intense burning. It can also act on the psychic level. On these points, Nandrolone makes the difference compared to Tren. The benefits emanating from its specific actions are the following:

  • Treatment of acute pain;
  • Relief in case of major surgery;
  • Relieves pain in cases of intense inflammation;
  • Relief in cases of major burns;
  • Effective solution for joint pain;
  • Very effective virilizing action;
  • Development of bold and aggressive characters in athletes;
  • Development of fighting spirit and self-confidence in athletes.

Tren VS Nandrolone: side effects

The common points

The harmful effects of Tren and Nandrolone are mainly related to the effects of the hormone. Consumption of these products exposes you to a serious hormonal disorder. This is gynecomastia or the appearance of udders in men.

Among the risks common to these two anabolic drugs, I can also mention the acceleration of the heart rate and the increase in blood pressure. These anabolics can cause many cardiovascular diseases. They can also have a severe impact on the liver.

Other harmful effects of Trenbolone

Trenbolone attacks all your vital organs even in short-term treatment. The most frequent side effects are the appearance of forms of irritation that can vary from one person to another. Acne often appears at the beginning of treatment.

Other adverse effects of Nandrolone

Nandrolone can boost your libido to the highest degree to the point of exposing you to a permanent erection. It can also cause abnormal hair growth or in rare cases hair loss.

This anabolic agent can also accentuate certain serious or chronic diseases. It is in this sense that it can be fatal for everyone. A man with prostate cancer would see the progression of his disease accelerate if he takes Nandrolone.

Tren VS Nandrolone
Tren and Nandrolone are harmful to health.

Are these products authorized in France and Europe?

Although the opinions on Trenbolone and the opinions on Nandrolone are positive in relation to their respective effectiveness, these substances are officially banned in France and in the member countries of the European Union. The consumption of these two anabolic drugs is prohibited and can be considered as doping.

Buying and selling them online is also illegal. These anabolics are subject to disqualification if consumed before or during national or international sporting events. The athlete may even lose the opportunity to participate in future events and end his or her career.

Are there any legal alternatives to these anabolic drugs?

Trenorol is the legal alternative to Trenbolone. It is a nutritional supplement that fulfills the role of an anabolic agent without causing you to suffer its harmful effects. You do not need a medical prescription to obtain it online, preferably from the official website of its manufacturer, CrazyBulk.

In addition to its over-the-counter sale, its effectiveness in giving you well-designed and hard muscles is also its strong point. You need 3 capsules per day during 2 months to obtain a better result. The medication would be more effective if you take it 45 minutes before training.

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Trenorol, l'alternative à Trenbolone

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Match summary table

EffectsFat loss and muscle gain ;
Improvement of physical strength and performance;
Good oxygenation of the cells and massive production of red blood cells;
Better extraction of nutrients by the body.
Treatment of acute pain ;
Relief of burns;
Effective solution for joint pain;
Very effective virilizing action;
Development of fighting spirit and self-confidence in athletes.
Undesirable effectsSevere liver problems ;
Cardiovascular diseases;
High blood pressure.
Excess sexual desire ;
Permanent erection;
Abnormal growth of your hair;
Hair loss;
Involvement in the evolution of an already existing serious disease.
Legal alternativeTrenorol


Tren VS Nandrolone, the androgenic effects may be the same, but they can manifest themselves in different ways. These anabolics are certainly very dangerous to health. A dietary supplement with natural compounds such as Trenorol is certainly a better option for bodybuilders.