Tren (Trenbolone) vs Superdrol

Anabolic steroids are part of some athletes’ daily routine, although they are prohibited. They help maintain a healthy body shape and improve physical performance. The more powerful and fast acting the product is, the more coveted it is. However, these substances are very dangerous to health and can even be fatal. To help you learn more, I offer my comparison Trenbolone vs Superdrol.

Tren VS Superdrol: anabolic compounds

Tren or Trenbolone mainly contains an artificial growth hormone previously used on animals. This active ingredient is trenbolone presented in the form of acetate, enanthate and parabolan for human use. Its anabolic rib is lower than that of Superdrol.

Tren VS Superdrol
Tren and Superdrol are anabolic steroids.

This second steroid contains highly concentrated prohormones for a much stronger anabolic response than Trenbolone. I would like to point out that the excipients of a potent and illegal steroid are sometimes misunderstood. For Superdrol, the ingredients revealed are as follows:

  • Androstenolone acetate;
  • Androstenone undecanoate;
  • 4-DHEA;
  • 1-DHEA ;
  • Hi-Tech Δ4-Androstene-3α-ol-17-one.

Tren vs. Superdrol: effects on muscles

The common points

Both Tren and Superdrol are very effective in boosting physical strength and improving athletic performance. The results in terms of muscle mass gain are also satisfactory.

The anabolic effect is a little more direct and fast with Superdrol because of its single-dose tablet. The two anabolics are also similar in their ability to lower the fatigue threshold. Both anabolics are also similar in their ability to lower the fatigue threshold, thereby increasing the duration and intensity of training.

The differences

Trenbolone is more involved in the extraction of all the nutrients to naturally replace the proteins lost during the effort. Superdrol is also involved, but its action is more focused on the catalytic conversion of amino acids to drive protein synthesis. Superdrol is also much more effective in increasing testosterone levels, hence its more visible and rapid results.

It has a suppressive effect on the endocrine system to regulate the level of endogenous hormone. It is a very anabolic and not very androgenic product. It can also alleviate pain in the joints and tendons. As for Trenbolone, it focuses on better oxygenation of muscles and increasing the number of red blood cells to ensure mass gain.

Tren vs. Superdrol: risks and dangers

The common points

Trenbolone and Superdrol are dangerous products that can harm your health. Both can cause serious cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

These anabolic drugs may also damage liver function. The level of liver toxicity is higher with Superdrol. The after-effects can even be permanent if you follow a course of treatment lasting more than 8 weeks.

Other negative effects of Trenbolone

  • Water retention ;
  • Edema of the feet and hands;
  • Gynecomastia or breast formation in men;
  • Skin irritations.

Other negative effects of Superdrol

  • Appearance of acne ;
  • Hair loss ;
  • Baldness difficult to remedy;
  • Risk of colossal weight gain.
Tren VS Superdrol
Tren and Superdrol are hazardous to health.

Are these anabolics available over the counter in France and Europe?

International sports authorities classify Trenbolone as a doping product. This product has therefore been banned from sale and consumption in France and Europe since 2012. Superdrol is also illegal.

Athletes who use one of these anabolic drugs during international competitions are severely sanctioned. However, these products are still freely available on the black market and attract first and foremost young people who are starting to work out. In my opinion, both Trenbolone and Superdrol should be avoided because of their destructive effects.

Is it possible to find legal alternatives to these substances?

For more peace of mind by taking advantage of the effects of Trenbolone and Superdrol, I advise you to choose a natural solution. It’s legal and above all it’s less dangerous. For Trenbolone, you have Trenorol. In addition to the price advantage, you can also have this drug without a prescription.

Trenorol eliminates fat and increases muscle mass. This substance helps to become stronger and more enduring. It saves you from heart and liver problems and does not expose you to the risk of gynecomastia. Other advantages: quick results, oral administration, easy online purchase.

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Trenorol, l'alternative à Trenbolone

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Positive effectsEnergy booster ;
Improvement of sports performance ;
Reduction of fatigue and physical endurance ;
Fat loss and muscle gain;
Good oxygenation of the cells and massive production of red blood cells;
Better extraction of nutrients by the body;
Prevention of muscle injuries
Energy booster ;
Improvement of sports performance ;
Reduction of fatigue and physical endurance ;
Fat loss and muscle gain;
Catalytic conversion of amino acids and improved protein synthesis;
Self-regulation of endogenous hormone levels.
Undesirable effectsSevere liver problems ;
Gynecomastia or breast formation in men
Cardiovascular diseases ;
Hypertension ;
Gynecomastia or breast formation in men;
Water retention;
Edema of the feet and hands;
Skin irritations.
Severe liver problems ;
Cardiovascular diseases;
High blood pressure;
Appearance of acne ;
Hair loss and baldness ;
Risk of colossal weight gain ;
Detectable in urine even more than a year after use.
Legal alternativeTrenorol


Both Trenbolone and Superdrol are powerful anabolic agents. They are effective in achieving a dry, well-muscled and energetic body. However, I advise you not to use them, they are very dangerous for your health. For my part, I would recommend that you opt for Trenorol instead of taking one of these anabolic drugs. This dietary supplement with natural ingredients gives you the same results as Trenbolone without exposing you to disastrous side effects.