Tren (Trenbolone) VS Testostérone

The effects of anabolic steroids have always been exploited in bodybuilding. The situation persists even though these products are banned in many countries. As a bodybuilding coach, it is my duty to highlight the risks involved in an anabolic treatment. Today I invite you to discover Trenbolone and Testosterone, their effects, their common points and differences.

Trenbolone VS Testosterone: form and composition

Tren or Trenbolone is named after the growth hormone it contains. This active ingredient, which was used solely for the mass gain of animals, has been adapted for human use. For this purpose, the manufacturers present it in the chemical formula of acetate, enanthal and parabolan.

Tren VS testostérone
Testosterone and Trenbolone are anabolic steroids.

Trenbolone may also contain excipients that may vary depending on the manufacturer. It can be given either orally or through a vein.

Testosterone, as you may have guessed, is a substitute for the powerful sex hormone of the same name. Its composition sometimes includes other secondary ingredients that can be aphrodisiacs or energizers. It is presented in the form of capsules, gels or injectable solution.

Trenbolone VS Testosterone: effects on muscles

The common points

Like all anabolic steroids, Tren lowers energy and increases endurance by lowering the fatigue threshold. It gives a beautiful body with well defined and hard muscles. With a cure of Testosterone, it is possible to obtain the same results, but faster.

The differences

According to experts, Trenbolone is distinguished by its ability to oxygenate the muscles is its strong point. To do this, it increases the quantity of red blood cells. This guarantees its effectiveness in weight gain, but also in preventing muscle injuries. It also synthesizes proteins thanks to a better extraction of nutrients.

As for Testosterone, it also increases the number of red blood cells, but also the number of white blood cells. The lymphocyte response is very reactive in case of infection, bacteria or viruses. Its balancing and revitalizing action helps the body to better regulate temperatures and the effects of disease. It also strengthens bones and joints and can improve sexual desire.

Trenbolone VS Testosterone: risks and dangers

The common points

Tren and Testosterone are very dangerous for the heart and liver. They can cause more serious cardiovascular disease, usually related to high blood pressure. These side effects include transient ischemic attack or TIA, cardiovascular accident or stroke, and heart attack.

Other Adverse Effects of Trenbolone

Tren can act as an estrogen when introduced into the body. This would result in a breast augmentation called gynecomastia. It spares the digestive system a little, but can attack other vital organs in the body. The appearance of allergic reactions is very frequent even in short-term treatment.

Other harmful effects of Testosterone

It is common to experience extreme sexual urges during and after Testosterone treatment. This uncomfortable phenomenon may appear at the slightest mistake in your diet. Discomfort is also common. As well as nausea and vomiting, especially if the body does not tolerate the medication well.

Are these two products authorized for sale and consumption?

Trenbolone is a doping agent in the eyes of international sports authorities. It is forbidden to consume it before and during competitions at the risk of being disqualified. Even outside of its use in sports, this anabolic drug is prohibited from manufacture, consumption, sale and purchase in France. It remains an illegal product in most European countries since 2012.

As for Testosterone, its use is still possible, but it is very restricted. Doctors are not supposed to prescribe it for non-medical reasons. In this sense, the purchase of Testosterone for use in sports and weight training is illegal.

Tren VS testostérone
Testosterone and alternatives to Dianabol are legal in France.

What about their legal alternative?

To enjoy the benefits of Trenbolone without going through the black market and without risking your health, the only option would be its legal alternative. This is Trenorol, a CrazyBulk food supplement that is very effective for gaining mass, strength and endurance.

Its androgenic effect makes it particularly adapted to the needs of those who do bodybuilding. A cure of 30 days is enough to grant you complete results. Trenorol gives you more nitrogen, more protein and no side effects.

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Trenbolone VS Testosterone Match Chart

Positive effectsFat loss and muscle gain ;
Energy booster ;
Reduction of fatigue.
Good oxygenation of the cells and massive production of red blood cells;
Better extraction of nutrients by the body.
Highly reactive lymphocyte response ;
Strengthening of bones and joints.
Undesirable effectsSevere liver problems ;
Cardiovascular diseases;
High blood pressure.
Gynecomastia ;
Allergic reactions.
Extreme sexual impulses ;
Nausea and vomiting.
Legal? NoNo
Legal alternative TrenorolTestosterone Booster


Trenbolone VS Testosterone, their negative effects are different, but they are both dangerous to health. What they have in common is their effectiveness and their ability to increase the production of red blood cells in the blood. These effects weigh little compared to their harmful effects. Trenorol should be chosen for this reason, as it also has better vascularization.