What are the best products for building muscle?

If you browse the stores selling bodybuilding supplements, you will see a large number of additives designed specifically for better muscle growth. For the most part, not all of these supplements are suitable, but despite this, there are a number of products that can achieve tangible results. In the following lines, we will show you which supplements will best help you develop your muscles.


One of the essential supplements for the gain of muscular mass, is creatine. It is undoubtedly one of the best supplements that leads to a rapid increase in muscle mass, strength and endurance. Creatine allows us to train more efficiently and longer, increasing our strength. Thanks to this, we can do heavier repetitions. Creatine intake contributes to the synthesis of ATP, the main type of energy used by the muscles.

Produits aidant à la prise de muscle
Often, diet, exercise and lifestyle are not enough to build muscle. It is sometimes necessary to combine them with muscle-building supplements. In addition to the very popular steroids, creatinine and glutamine are among the products used to build muscle mass.


L-glutamine is another excellent supplement that helps not only to develop muscles efficiently, but also to restore them more quickly after an effort. Glutamine is a very important amino acid, which is involved in the immune system and plays an important role in muscle recovery. Regeneration is a major factor for muscle building, but also for the general functioning of the muscles. If the body’s glutamine reserves decrease, the effectiveness of regeneration also decreases, resulting in a lower increase in muscle mass and less intense training.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is an extremely digestible form of protein with incredible 100% bioavailability. It has been proven time and time again to surpass all other protein sources, including casein, soy and even beef, in stimulating or improving muscle hypertrophy. The results of studies published in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism and the Journal of Food Science show that milk proteins, especially whey, stimulate muscle growth more than other sources of amino acids.

The amino acids BCAA

The amino acids BCAA are the most effective complement to boost muscle growth and reduce fatigue during strength training. The BCAA contains three amino acids which are very important for the muscular metabolism. In fact, they are not only an additional source of energy, but also a means of stopping the catabolic processes of muscle breakdown.


Anabolic steroids are synthetic derivatives of testosterone, which are usually taken to increase muscle mass or improve athletic performance. The anabolic effects of these compounds are responsible for the production of more muscle mass. They accelerate the building of muscle tissue, increase the formation of red blood cells, speed up regeneration and help recover from injuries. Compounds such as oxandrolone and nandrolone can help you boost muscle mass gain by optimizing the effects of exercise and diet.