Winstrol VS Masteron

Taking an anabolic steroid is an effective way to develop dense muscles and become stronger and more enduring. Many bodybuilding enthusiasts use it. However, in addition to being prohibited, these substances are very dangerous to health. To get a precise idea of the specifics of this type of product, I suggest you discover a Winstrol VS Masteron comparison, their effects, their common points and their differences.

Composition, anabolic power, androgenic effect

Winstrol is a synthesized testosterone substitute whose active ingredient is stanozolol. It is a substance derived from dihydrotestosterone, a highly androgenic molecule. Masteron is also derived from it, but its main active agent is drostanolone propionate. It therefore has exceptional androgenic effects.

Winstrol VS Masteron
Winstrol and Masteron are doping products for bodybuilders.

As far as the anabolic power of these two steroids is concerned, there is not much difference either. As they are derived from testosterone, they act like this sex hormone in the body. Winstrol is three times more active than natural testosterone, with the drostanolone ester also having an enhanced virilizing effect.

Winstrol vs. Masteron: what effects?

Common points

Winstrol and Masteron have several points in common that they also share with the anabolic steroids derived from dihydrotestosterone. They allow :

  • Intensify the production of male hormones;
  • Develop a good musculature for a prolonged period of time;
  • Avoid water retention, hydro-sodium retention for Masteron;
  • Reduce fatigue and increase endurance;
  • Improve strength and physical performance;
  • Promote dryness to facilitate drying cycles.

The differences

According to expert opinion on Winstrol, this product ensures the elimination of fat, the retention of lean muscle and the improvement of oxygen circulation in the body. This is not the case with Masteron. A low level of fat is then required to be able to enjoy its benefits.

On the other hand, Masteron eliminates the risk of hypertension. It also excludes the risk of breast formation in humans. This alarming phenomenon called gynecomastia is quite common during an anabolic treatment, but Masteron manages to avoid it thanks to its anti-estrogenic properties.

Winstrol vs. Masteron: risks and side effects

Side effects of Winstrol

  • Cardiovascular diseases ;
  • The high risk of cardiac hypertrophy during the weight gain phase;
  • The negative impact on the liver;
  • Increased cholesterol levels;
  • The prostate.

Side effects of Masteron

With Masteron, these phenomena are avoidable. It is its virilizing action, linked to its highly androgenic properties, which can sometimes become restrictive. In some cases of long-term cures, the consumer can even suffer a permanent erection.

I have also heard of several embarrassing effects, such as irritation and acne, in young athletes who have undergone a Masteron cure. Many have suffered from baldness with immediate or delayed effects. Some would have been forced to use a specific hair care product for several months to remedy the problem.

Winstrol VS Masteron
Winsol is a legal alternative to Winstrol.

Winstrol and Masteron: forbidden or legal?

The manufacture, sale and consumption of Winstrol are illegal in France. Many European countries have also agreed to ban the anabolic steroids of which this product is a part. Its use in sports to develop and increase performance remains illegal.

As for Masteron, it is less dangerous compared to any other anabolic steroid. It has relatively few side effects, but it does not escape doping control either. Both Masteron and Winstrol can harm the health of those who use them.

A long-term, short course of treatment with one of these substances would disrupt all of your body’s vital functions and could be fatal. Athletes who test positive for urine during competitions will have their wins or chances of winning taken away. They will even find it difficult to continue their athletic journey.

Winsol, legal alternative to Winstrol

To avoid health problems and stay within the law, choose a legal nutritional supplement that would produce the same effects as an anabolic steroid. For Winstrol, you have the Winsol supplement, from CrazyBulk, which effectively improves your strength and performance.

It also ensures you a well sculpted physique by considerably reducing fat mass and keeping the muscle lean. In addition, it improves the functioning of your heart and strengthens your immune system. This product contributes to a certain state of well-being and considerably reduces your fatigue. It can also stimulate your sexual desire.

Winsol should be taken during loss cycles to ensure that it works properly. It is a product adapted to strength and endurance sports and its result on the muscles is clearly visible after a 60-day cure. You take a 10-day break before resuming the treatment. The prescribed dosage is 3 capsules per day to be taken before each main meal.

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Winstrol dans sa version CrazyBulk, Winsol

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Summary table of the game

EffectsFat loss and muscle gain ;
Energy booster ;
Reduction of fatigue.
Massive production of male hormones ;
Lasting result on the development of a good musculature;
No risk of water retention;
Better extraction of nutrients by the body.
No risk of high blood pressure ;
No risk of gynecomastia.
Undesirable effects High risk of cardiovascular disease ;
High risk of cardiac hypertrophy during the weight-bearing phase;
Liver toxicity ;
Excess cholesterol ;
Prostate problems.
Risk of sexual dysfunction ;
Risk of permanent erection;
Allergic reactions ;
Acne and forms of irritation.
Legal? NoNo
Legal alternative Winsol


Winstrol and Masteron are almost identical products in terms of their properties and functioning in the body. However, Masteron is a little less dangerous to health than Winstrol, which has many harmful effects. In any case, these anabolic agents can be replaced by Winsol. Only a food supplement with natural active ingredients can guarantee the preservation of your physical and mental health.