How to increase your testosterone level naturally?

If you’re looking to gain mass because you’re an athlete, you should know that it’s all about testosterone… And its natural production is very important to maintain your abilities. In most cases, the decrease in testosterone comes with aging. But other factors come into play in case of decrease. Stress, lack of physical activity, overtraining, alcohol abuse and steroid use are all reasons for a drop in testosterone levels. A good sign to observe the drop in testosterone is the morning erection. This is because erections require testosterone. And in the morning, our body contains 30% more of it than in the afternoon!

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Now, if you are suffering from a lack of testosterone, it is always possible to strengthen it by various means. The easiest way is undoubtedly to take dietary supplements that will give you a boost at that level. The only drawback is that they will not make up for the lack of production, but only the lack in your body. It’s a bit like a patch that helps you, without solving the root of the problem. That said, you should know that there are very effective ways to increase your testosterone levels naturally by changing a few things in your life. We are talking, of course, about his lifestyle, his excesses, etc.. Small overview of the advice we can give you on this subject.

Why does losing weight increase testosterone?

Chasser les fast foods de votre alimentation pour augmenter naturellement votre taux de testostérone

It is important to know that we produce less testosterone when we are overweight. This is a natural process. In addition to producing less testosterone, we also make room for estrogen. You notice it in overweight people very easily: they tend to have growing breasts. It’s the externalization of this phenomenon. So, if you have a little balloon or love handles, it is advisable to lose a few pounds. And for that, nothing is easier to put in place … You must change your diet. You will find below some tips that go in this direction … The simplest is to eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid processed food in excess and everything related to refined white sugar. Once you have eliminated these elements from your diet, everything should be much better.

Because, let’s face it, it’s often the products that have been heavily processed that are the most harmful. These and all the others that are not “natural”. Here is a first list:

  • Fast food
  • White sugar
  • Sodas
  • Prepared foods
  • Sweeteners
  • Food coloring
  • Additives
  • Artificial fructose
  • White flour
  • Vegetable oils

And as we said, sugar is your worst enemy… Your testosterone level goes down when your sugar level goes up, which happens every time you eat fast carbs (pasta, bread, rice, etc.). And there are lots of them! Whether it’s in cookies, sweets, or even fast food. For example, your testosterone level drops by 25% just by swallowing a sugary drink and this effect lasts at least 2 hours. It’s best to avoid this happening several times during the day…

Why review your daily intake?

The most important thing is to have all the daily intake you need, in vitamins, nutrients, etc. And there are many things that affect testosterone production… And the entire male reproductive system. We can talk about zinc, various vitamins, etc.

Speaking of zinc, you should know that a lack of zinc causes a decrease in testosterone levels. Conversely, an exaggerated consumption also leads to a decrease in its level. Your diet will always be the best source of zinc: protein-rich foods (meat, fish, etc.), raw cheese, grains, etc. And to get the maximum benefit, avoid overcooking your meals. Indeed, for most foods, cooking will drastically reduce the levels of nutrients, such as zinc.

On the vitamin side, vitamins A, B, C, D and E are important. For vitamin D, which many people are deficient in, it is necessary to take it properly. Because an adequate intake helps to maintain a good level of testosterone. Thus, a study has shown that men who took vitamin D supplements saw their testosterone levels increase. So it is essential.

As for vitamin C, it has been shown that it decreases the level of cortisol and allows the production of more testosterone. It also helps to reduce the transformation of this male hormone into estrogen.

Finally, for the last three vitamins, A, B and E, they are easily found in all kinds of foods. So, if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, fat-free meat and dried fruits, you don’t have to worry about vitamin A, B and E supplements.

Manage your stress!


When you’re stressed, your body releases a stress hormone called cortisol that stops the production of testosterone.

Cortisol has another job in the body. And it goes back a long way. Millennia ago, when man was put under stress, there was a good reason. Indeed, far from the modern man, the concerns were quite different… It was necessary to feed and house. These were the two main objectives. Now, when food was lacking, when a danger was imminent, the body had to react. And it reacted by producing cortisol. This hormone allowed the body to take what was available and store it. This allowed the body to stock up on fat for darker days.

But today, we live in a society where food is plentiful and the body should not have to stockpile fat. However, bodies are subject to other, more insidious stresses that last for months or even years. Over time, our bodies begin to store and store again. And with the extra weight comes estrogen production, decreased testosterone, etc. You find yourself in a vicious circle.

The easiest thing to do is to put things into perspective and avoid the stressful situations of everyday life.

Get enough sleep to increase your natural testosterone secretion!

Sleeping less than 7 to 8 hours ruins your rhythm. This explains why it’s not rocket science to have a higher testosterone level in the morning after sleeping well at night. So if you’re surfing porn sites at 2 a.m., don’t be surprised if your libido drops.

Why you should consume natural products?


Simply to get rid of excess estrogen, which makes you fatter and weaker, and produce more testosterone naturally you need to:

  • Eat large amounts of raw vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower, because raw vegetables contain a material that helps your body get rid of estrogen.
  • Eat even more fiber to naturally cleanse your body
  • Get rid of the toxins that cause excess estrogen.

Xenoestrogens are a type of artificial estrogen found in products such as pesticides, steroids, artificial growth hormones, air fresheners and plastic containers. These xenoestrogens will increase levels of the female hormone (estrogen) while decreasing testosterone levels, so you need to :

  • Eat more organic fruits and vegetables, which do not contain pesticides. If not, try to wash the vegetables and fruits you buy at the store to reduce the chance of consuming xenoestrogens.
  • Eat more meat from animals that have been raised naturally, without the use of growth hormones and artificial steroids.
  • Use glass containers to store food, water and your meals.
  • Do not use any perfume, cologne or air freshener that contains parabens as an ingredient: parabens are xenoestrogens.

Again, this comes back to a healthy diet to get your testosterone levels back to normal and all naturally.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is a perfect example of what can wipe out your testosterone levels. It’s synonymous with partying, because it makes your body not party anymore. Your hormones won’t agree and your testosterone levels can drop by more than 30% when you’re drunk. There’s a reason why it’s harder to get an erection with a high blood alcohol level…

Even if you only have two drinks, alcohol makes it hard for the liver to eliminate estrogen, so you’ll have more estrogen and less testosterone. Alcohol also lowers the levels of zinc in your body. Finally, like alcohol, grapefruit does not help the liver function to eliminate estrogen at all.

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