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Choosing your bodybuilding equipment

In bodybuilding, a good diet is not enough to quickly refine one’s silhouette. It is advisable to choose the right equipment for effective training. However, it is difficult to choose among the offers on the market. Moreover, the equipment is both varied and specific according to your level. Here are a few examples:

  • Rowing: this equipment helps you to strengthen both the upper and lower body. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced rowers. However, poor execution of the movements can lead to injuries.
  • Elliptical bike: This equipment generally strengthens all the muscles of the body. In addition, it also improves your lung capacity. It is accessible and safe as it reproduces natural movements and does not generate any impact, ideal for the joints.
  • The treadmill: to work on endurance and cardio while staying at home.
  • The dumbbell set: dumbbells are among the basic equipment to develop your muscles. They are both modular and allow you to work all the muscles of your body without exception. For a practice at home, having good dumbbells remains essential.
  • The skipping rope: to quickly develop your muscles at home, Jump-roping remains one of the best solutions. In addition, it effectively improves the metabolism as well as the sense of balance.

To make sure you don’t make a mistake, let our experts guide you. We offer you all the tips to choose the equipment that meets your expectations. Thus, the risk of injuries or overtraining will be much lower.

For example, if you want to refine your upper body, we offer you the right equipment with complete instructions on how to use it. The relevance of our files will guide you efficiently to build your muscles at home in complete safety.

Whatever your budget, we will help you identify the equipment adapted to your current needs.

Eating properly for effective weight training

An intense workout with good equipment is not enough to build muscle. Other parameters have to be taken into account, such as recovery time or diet. On this point, know that a balanced nutrition is an essential component of sports programs. In other words, what is on your plate has a major impact on your metabolism.

The principle remains relatively basic: after a session of more or less intense physical activity, the body is tired and micro cracks may appear in the muscle fibers. They must be repaired by optimizing the intake of nutrients. More precisely, it is necessary to find the right dosage of micronutrients in one’s diet. Protein, lipid or carbohydrate intakes must therefore be controlled and adapted according to the situation.

In some cases, the use of products such as food supplements (we are not talking about doping products!) is necessary. However, the use of such substances requires special attention.

With the partition of professionals and experts, we offer you a focus on all products to take muscle, whether during pre-workout or after training. You will find tips, tricks, indications on many products available on the market. You will be able to optimize your training.

Always with the aim of answering your questions precisely, we offer you complete sections on the role of food in bodybuilding. No aspect has been put aside. We explain everything to you without any censorship. You’ll even find articles on controversial topics such as anabolic steroids or doping.

Benefit from the advice of nutritionists and specialized coaches to establish a balanced diet adapted to your sporting objectives. Trust our experts, they will answer all your questions.

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Sébastien is a virtual sports coach, since the birth of the site in 2016. He has specialized in weight training and has quickly surrounded himself with many sports coaches to make Athletes Temple live. He is also the chief editor of the Athletes Temple website.

Sebastien is your virtual coach since 2016.


Roland is a sports coach in the Nantes region (France) and has been practicing high level sports for more than 22 years. He joined the Athletes Temple site team in 2019.

Roland holds a BPJEPS (BPJEPS Activités de la Forme) in weightlifting and bodybuilding.

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